Satsang Reports
Been there, done that, from our non-partisan roving reporters ( * )
Real-Life™ assessments of Satsang Service Providers

  ~ Longer Reports ~

  ~ Mini-Reports ~

Gangaji, Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle
a 3-fer series by Scott Meredith
Francis Lucille, by Steve
Catherine Ingram, by Steve
David Icke, by Scott Meredith
John Wheeler, by Bobby Meizer
Tony Parsons, by anon 
Helga Schleiter Smith, by Bobby Meizer  
Adyashanti, by Jim Carruth 
Mokshananda, by Bobby Meizer 
Adyashanti, by Bobby Meizer
Tony Parsons, by Mark O'Shea
John Sherman, by Stuart Resnick

1) Neelam, Nirmala, Wayne Liquorman, Eli Jaxon-Bear, Arjuna, Isaac Shapiro, Adyashanti (x2), Mokshananda, Sri Siva, by various
2) Eli Jaxon-Bear, Neelam, David Deida, Chogyam Trungpa, John de Ruiter, Ole Nydahl, Nome and Russell Smith, Sailor Bob, by various 

This is an expandable set of pages. If you've been to see any of my listees and would like to offer an "objective" report, ie from one not already "attached" to the teacher in question or full of ideas based on attachment to a "competing" teacher, send it in (Feedback) and i'll be happy to put it up.
And see also Tales from the Path™, a related series of anecdotes or personal glimpses up-close.

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