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David Icke Satsang Sep 7, 2003

(Satsang of the Tyrant Lizards)

This past Sunday (Sept. 7) I attended a lecture given by David Icke (pronounced "Ike") in Seattle. Though most on this list would not accept him as a spiritual teacher giving Satsang, I found that this 7-hour lecture to his adoring local fan-base was basically just a form of Satsang (to that audience).

Maybe we need to open our brains further as to who constitutes a spiritual teacher.

High-level summary for those not familiar with Icke: He is a British former athlete and media personality, who underwent a personal spiritual transformation and shed his lite-weight establishment career and identity and shape-shifted into a New Age/Conspiracy luminary. He basically champions a fairly standard theoretical line involving a Babylonian (or earlier) religious cult whose symbols and purposes are said to underlie all current major human events. The cult has been carried forward over centuries by various (human) secret societies, fitting the standard paranoid typologies (Knights Templar, Illuminati, Freemasons, etc.) The uber- puppetmasters said to stand behind the foregoing human initiates are alien reptiles based in an adjacent non-physical dimension who are really calling the shots and ruling via the Illuminati etc. insider/elite human proxies. The motivation is said to be simple survival, and they (the inter-dimensional reptiles) are said to believe that achieving total control of humanity will assure them a good energy source (low grade emotions such as guilt, fear, stress, anger, hatred, envy, and what have you) for eons to come.

Based his championship of the forgoing analysis, Icke has frequently been accused of being anti-Semitic, and that perception has led to occasional rowdy protests and scattered violence and police actions at some of his venues, particularly in Canada. I'll say up front that in his 7 hour presentation, there was no overt hint of any form of anti-Semitism, at least as superficially understood. Of course, anybody can treat any term X as a coded cover term for Y, so ultimately it's an impossible charge to refute.

In style, Icke is extremely attractive and likable. He's an energetic, humorous, unpretentious and engaging speaker. He was brimming over with material, and he practically had to be dragged off the stage by the organizers after having run overtime by more than an hour. He comes across as a passionate and sincere believer in his own theories and as someone deeply morally outraged by the predations of the powerful on the weak (e.g. Afghan children who've had their brains sucked out of their skulls by USA ordnance - of which he served up plentiful photos). But he has an appealingly genuine sense of humor and a lot of perspective on himself (joking casually about how silly he appears to intellectual sophisticates). He's his own man, attractively undefensive and unconcerned with what others may think of him.

The talk itself, while unfailingly entertaining, was hardly a model of clarity, originality, deep thought, or basic logic. Some of the graphics were interesting, but the intellectual content was mostly a pastiche of recycled New Age and conspiracy stuff taken from a large variety of pre-existing sources.

In the first major segment, he traced the history of occult symbolism from Babylon through Medieval and Enlightenment Europe to Colonial and present day America. A few interesting factoids in that. In the second segment, he reviewed clear and nearly incontrovertible evidence that the events of 9-11 were an inside job staged by the USA's military-government for their own goals and aggrandizement. That stuff is for real, and appeared to shock a big portion of the audience apparently hearing it for the first time. But I've been aware for quite a while that the standard official cartoon narrative of "Boxcutter 9-11" with its 19 insane, freedom-hating Arab villains, opposed by various hapless American Heroes, is just pure Hollywood, all fiction. Cleary 9-11 was an inside job, perpetrated by the American black ops community. We don't need Babylonian lizard bloodlines to see that one a mile away! The final segment covered more details on the whole Lizard/Reptile thing, and its apparent recurrence as a strong theme in many world cultures (such as the ancient Zulu tribe of Africa, etc.)

Well! What can one say? One thing I can say is that most people, whatever their religious/political/spiritual orientation are not too strong when it comes to basic logic. This audience was no exception. For example, Icke traced the elite "bloodlines" of the semi- reptilian human in-between aristocratic families who supposedly have a specialized DNA enabling them to straddle dimensions and achieve extraordinary powers and influence within, in fact total mastery of, the human world. The strongest specific example given is supposedly the Bush family, one of the purest of these alien/human hybrid DNA bloodlines. OK supposedly these bloodlines lead to the very highest capabilities of intellectual and practical mastery of the world, right? No small achievement, and bespeaking a kind of brilliant (though evil) intelligence, one would suppose. Yet Bush (W) was also constantly ridiculed throughout the talk as having the intellect of an empty beer can or a chimpanzee. Is that the culmination of 10,000 years of careful prime breeding? There are many other such inconsistencies Somebody needs to reconcile all the loose ends in these theories.

Overall, I felt the presentation (leaving aside overt anti-Semitism) gives rise to a strong mentality of "Us (good) vs. Them (bad)". Again there was no overt anti-Semitism, that isn't the point. The point is that it is SO easy to get any group of humans feeling "we are good, they are bad". And this was no exception! Everybody laughing at Bush and the evil controlling reptiles for having fucked up the world so much, and nobody looking in the mirror to ask themselves Do I eat? (agriculture has despoiled the planet); Do I use petroleum in any form? (energy demands motivate wars); etc.

In any case, why did I say it was a form of Satsang? In his last hour or so, Icke transitioned to a higher-order theme, saying that he's just recently come to understand that all regular people, human elites, and even inter-dimensional reptile puppetmasters are all just forms of illusory individualized consciousness, temporary waves of mental form surging briefly from the ocean of undifferentiated awareness (sound familiar?) And that deep within, all the forgoing are basically good, just ignorant. He went on in this vein every powerfully, the hall grew even more still, the emotional tone of the crowd really resonated. It was a spiritual experience; I felt it as such myself.

He ended on an emotional peak, with a final simple slide that he feelingly read to us, repeating three times as follows his most recent realization:



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