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This page is the first of a collection of mini-reports on 
various practitioners from various reporters.

Neelam Sep 12, 2002, Santa Cruz

I went to satsang with Neelam at a house across the street last Thursday evening. She impressed me as humble, compassionate, and sincere, but without apparent smugness, sentimentality, or avarice. I detected no obvious agenda. I took my wife and noisy 14 month old daughter. We had to get up and cross the entire room a couple of times to do a diaper change. We left early because we were afraid of annoying the rest of the group, but I never got a sense of anything but mild amusement from Neelam. In terms of GuruRating I'd have to know more about the organization and hear more people's experiences to really rate her, but I would certainly rate this particular satsang 3 buds.

Nirmala, May 10, 2003, Montreal

I've been attending satsang with a newbie [Nirmala] from Sarlo's Guru Rating List ... Three stars at least. For the sheer simplicity of his demeanor, his tremendous candor and generosity of heart I can only say that being with him is, to say the least, a catalyst for understanding or live pointing.
Anand Gyan

Wayne, Nirmala, Eli

About two years ago I visited Wayne Liquorman at a satsang in Sedona. A friendly, jovial kind of guy, he told great stories and made good dharmic points. Nothing new but good points none the less. His message is the same as other advaita teachers "no- doer", consciousness is all kind of stuff, not really my cup of tea.

But I went to see him because the best thing I had heard of him was that he had recieved the transmission from Ramesh some 8-10 years before he actually began teaching. I find that commendable especially compared to what seems to be the norm where someone gets a little flash of another dimension and calls it enlightenment. I actually think Wayne may be one of the better advaita teachers out there though he has claimed one of his students as having received the final transmission and that counts for a minus 2 points in my book. He also needs to cut down on the deep penetrating gazing, I hate that shit.

And a year or so ago a went to visit Nirmala, one the newbies on sarlos list, just cause the satsang happened to be in my town. I actually think he lives here. The setting was soft lights, soft floating type music, the kind that makes you want to strangle somebody, in a living room up of southwest decor. Mostly older ladies in attendance. Nirmalas presence was like being stoned, all soft and dreamy, and he spoke in soft tones and kept lingering gazes on people. I don't remember what he talked about at all but I just wanted to slap him up side the head. I enjoyed myself however, though I would steer any seeker away from him, unless I was feeling impish and wanting to pull a joke on someone.

Sat with eli jaxon-Bear maybe 6-7 years ago too, but he was such a lost cause I won't mention anything else. What a joke.

Arjuna, Isaac, Adyashanti, Mokshananda

Here's my two cents, (differing opinions) after having sat with numerous advaitites:

Arjuna: ego has merged with organizational agenda. Danger, danger +

Isaac Shapiro: Vast and DEEP due to experience with actual human suffering, unlike many who have popped out of their humanity into non compassionate or pretend compassionate state. Authentic. ++++

Adya Shanti: Hilarious and brilliantly articulate. Not attached to organization (told me not to market him for his visit here (santa fe) Spacious and authentic. Understands basic problem with contact highs and disembodied "awakening" and confusing having a good day with enlightenment. Tho perhaps having too happy a life to be fully useful to those in severe human anguish.  ++++

Mokshananda: Very sweet, compassionate and authentic and human. Combines psychology and devotion into the mix. Is not into Advaita. Feels folks get stuck in disembodiment, where they lose track of their effects on others. Into Ken Wilber, Almaas and Hakomi. Has dealt with extremely difficult past and thus is v. useful to humans that have been severely traumatized by life. Developing. Useful to those who are not into judging everything according to advaita standards. People who reject human emotional experience will or are split off from their emotions will judge and run. Can rely a little too much on psychology but is developing. +++
anon from Santa Fe

Sri Siva, May 1, 2003, Chicago

I also saw Sri Siva a few days ago. He is an interesting Hindu fellow who has written a book and has many audio tapes and videos out. He is supposed to remember his past lives and he has a mission to do in this life, regarding giving spiritual people the necessary tools to attract all they want in this life, so they can be spiritual as well as materially prosperous. He is the guru of Wayne Dyer and taught Wayne these principles in which he wrote his book "Manifest Your Destiny." He teaches a one-minute meditation and the most important mantra he teaches is "Om Namah Shivaya." He says to chant it at least 108 times a day. He shared interesting stories and took us through the one minute meditation. He has a very powerful presence and he supposedly was sending light to us throughout the presentation. I asked a lady afterwards who I knew who can see auras what she saw of him. She described a being with no ego, he is selfless, this isn't about money or selling books she said, he is very genuine and sincere and egoless. I still have my doubts, I am not so convinced, but I did find him interesting and he did share some valuable info about manifesting things. Check out his website if you are interested, he has a free newsletter and some of the things in it are interesting.
Steve (see index for his longer reports on Francis Lucille and Catherine Ingram) 


I have just returned from a weekend intensive with Adyashanti - my second time with him.  I personally experienced my first true experience of awakening after meeting with him for the first time.  It deepened considerably after the second meeting.  What really surprised me, though, was the high proportion of people in the group who had clearly experienced awakenings and were working through how to live from this new perspective.  I know a lot of long-time spiritual seekers who never actually awaken.  Adyashanti's sangha seems to have a lot of people "getting there."  Your rating may have just been focusing on the "still developing" category, and that's fine.  I just thought I'd pass along my experience.  I have recommended him to several friends.  Like any teacher, I'm sure he's not for anybody, but his transmission of the teaching is sure working for me!
Ann H

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