Satsang Reports
Been there, done that, from our non-partisan roving reporters ( * )
This page is a series of three reports, on Byron Katie, Gangaji and Eckhart Tolle
by Scott Meredith. The third, on Eckhart, also summarizes 
and compares the three experiences.

Byron Katie Session Jan 25, 2003

On Saturday, January 25th I attended what I'd call "Satsang-By-Any-Other-Name" with Byron Katie. It was held at a posh downtown San Francisco, sponsored by The Learning Annex.

In preparation for the big day, I'd read "Loving What Is", read a few Web interviews, and listened to a couple of commercial audio tapes of sessions.

I arrived early and secured a front-row seat in the carpeted meeting room (no floor seating with bring-your-own zabuton for this venue!). I try to get front-row if possible for these things as I'm there primarily to suck a toke off the energy pipeline, should the teacher be unconsciously proffering any such.

About 85/15 female/male ratio in the final, full-room crowd of say 250 people that ultimately materialized. Not much in the way of stage, setting, or props, just a leaflet table with flowers. A few assistants/gophers and such scuttling about helping with setup, registration, book-selling, etc.

As set of Inquiry worksheets had been placed on every seat, so most of us filled out some "issue" (person/thing/self etc. that is hassling your mind at this time, judge it harshly, state how the universe is doing you wrong and what action needs to be taken post-haste to rectify these unfortunates oversights on the part of What Is… you guys know the drill!) So everybody prepped beforehand with that.

Buzz of excitement ripples through the crowed, in strolls Katie, looking absolutely fabulous, all in black. I'd thought maybe the obsessive re-use of that one single portrait/photo of  K on all her published materials might be masking a gradual "dissolution of the physical shell" (as it were), but NO ­ she looked great! Not much make-up, looking as alert as a Lioness on the Serengeti (are there any left there actually?), she seemed a beautiful golden fish swimming free through crystal waters …

She stood and walked-around the entire session, using her hand-held mic for 3 hours straight with one single 15-minute break Though I do try to be sensitive to energy emanation, in this particular case, I did not feel any specially strong field-radiation from Katie. Not a criticism, as I suppose that's not on her menu anyway. Just a side note.

I do know that  K has publicly dialoged with Advaitatistical adepts (who sometimes do have an energetic or palpable wake-up-clarion type of physicalized effect on people, as Ramana did) and apparently there was found to be some commonality between them, you can refer to the interviews with K in "Emerging Spiritual Teachers" and "The Awakening West" for more on that.

She thanked us warmly for coming, in a strong and pleasant Southern-California-housewifely vocal manner. Definitely a no-nonsense person however, despite the warm and pleasant persona, no small talk, no jokes, just let's get it on.

She gave us another few minutes to finish our worksheets, then called on about 7 people in a row to read the first line of their issues ­  "I need [-------] to stop [----------]". Usual stuff I suppose, "I need Phil to be more attracted to me" "I need my mother to stop lying" "I need my boss to stop defaming me", etc. The minutia of Earth-Plane existence, but apparently nettling these people to a considerable degree. Only the first line was read, then onto the next claimant.

Then it was time to go in depth. Apparent random selection of raised hands, to get down to The Work. First  to plunge in was a lady sore at her Mom for being a pathological liar. Ho hum, all in a day's work. K easily blew that one away... "I need my Mom to lie to me" "I need to stop lying to myself" Etc.

Next one was more interesting ­ a young-ish, intense-looking woman who made the following subtle linguistic point re one aspect of K's work ­ the definition of the word "should". For example, when you say to K, "My mother should not lie to me", she will ask "Does she lie to you ?" "Yes" "Well then is it true what you said: `my mother should not lie to me' ?" "Yes." "Does she lie ?" "Yes" "Well then what's the reality ? She's lying to you! So, it isn't true to say she shouldn't lie to you, because she IS lying to you ­ that's reality!" This young lady made the point that "should" and "is" are distinguished in normal meaning. What "should be" can be held separate from what "is", in the normal usage of these words. But to K, the word "should" simply does not exist. So there can be a slight linguistic confusion, for those under the sway of language…

Anyway, after trying to talk around THAT for a few minutes, this young woman opened up that she had been brutally beaten throughout her childhood by her father, and was having trouble freeing her mind from bitterness moving on. The woman also too issue with statements that appear on K's audio tape, to a woman who'd suffered childhood sexual abuse, that the child had been, in a very small part, responsible or provocative.

Too much to go into here, but it was a long (40 minutes or so) and intense exchange ­ quite fascinating. However, I could sense that the work might get a bit stale, rather quickly, if it is not Your Own Issue being drilled. Actually, in my case, even it if were my own issue(s), I think I'd get bored with it.

K seems to be an amazing hybrid ­ two parallel universes, one of intense concern with absolutely minute particulars of relationships, typical low-level human background-noise types of difficulties, but this trivial focus all somehow filtered through K's own apparent breakthrough into a charming and spacy loftiness (or, lofty spaciness?)

Anyway, K gives no quarter on any point of The Work, does not deviate from its pursuit into any digression, makes no reference to anything outside the room, the person, the issue, at hand. Totally focused, in a warm, charming, yet oddly zombified way. Like a smart and charismatic version of a Stepford wife, I felt.

Just to check out the 1-1 energetic interactional potential from her, I raised my hand and snagged the mic to ask a question. I noted that K has said (earlier this session, and in other interviews) that you don't need to do any Work on thoughts that are pleasant, let those be, enjoy them, just Work on the nasty stuff. I said that I've heard elsewhere that ALL thoughts and mind chatter, even if pleasant, are held to block us somehow from direct perception of the present moment radiating Reality all around us, and therefore there are those who advocate stomping the little suckers be they nice or be they nasty. Thus, my question.

She engaged very warmly on it, I must say I was somewhat whirlpooled into her warmth, her attention, her eyes as she spoke. Her eyes sparkle radically! Is that a showbiz pre-talk eye-drop thing, or a sure sign of having achieved Nirvana, or what ?? She does have a fantastic ability in 1-1 lasering that is apparent but maybe a bit muted by the crowd presentation, but felt strongly when directed full on you. I felt I was just kind of basking dumbly in her momentary attention, nodding stupidly and hoping she'd just keep on answering me at greater greater greater length … the actual content of her answer, boiled down, was that your neg's are plentiful enough to give you all the Work you can handle. And when you've stomped enough Neg's, over time, the "good" ones will also begin to fade of their own accord, leaving Only What Is, in each moment.

But all things must pass, and we wrapped up the three hours with me feeling: I'd enjoyed the intellectual elements (or rather, K's shrewd deflection of intellectual probing) from the young beaten woman; too stiff from sitting in that narrow chair for too long; slightly buzzed out from having my question so warmly answered; impressed with K herself (Let's face it - she's a Goddess!); and somewhat bored with The Work. Imagine having to whip out that cumbersome mechanism with any kind of regularity!

"O body swayed to music,
O brightening glance,
How can we know
the dancer from the dance?"

- WB Yeats

Anyway, this was me ­ there - then. Your own mileage may vary!

Gangaji Session Jan 26, 2003

I went and visited Gangaji's satsang session yesterday, to check on her vibes.

Very nice venue, Mill Valley (Marin County CA), a scenically situated Recreation Center with a spacious and gracious architecture.

Fancy setup, with a kind of living-room or talk-show style mini-stage set, everything professionally video taped with lighting setup etc. Huge photo blow-ups of Papaji and Ramana flanking the front platform. Flower, 2 comfy-looking chairs, with boom mikes positioned one for each chair.

About 250 or up to 300 people in attendance, some down on the hard wood floor - front & center - like me, the majority in fold-up chairs behind.

About 60/40 women/men ratio I would say, more men than usual in any kind of semi-New-Age-y event.

They let us in around 3:30 by 3:50 everybody was settled down, we waited in silence until Gangaji entered quietly without any ostentation via a side-door, pausing to remove her shoes at the entrance. That was my first view of her.

Nice-looking lady, not at all over made-up as some have commented, minimal or no make-up at all that I could see. Dressed simply and attractively. White hair somewhat tousled. As I say, nice-looking, but I had no immediate reaction as she lightly mounted the little stage set platform and settled into a chair. She immediately closed her eyes and just sat silently, so I and everybody else of course also just sat silently, most with eyes closed.

I estimate that we sat for about 10 minutes like that. Towards that end of that period (which was terminated by Gangaji opening her eyes, stretching slightly and making a kind of soft purring noise or other vocal indication of readiness), I distinctly perceive her very strong energetic field, directly pressing against my aura. This resulted in a curious "rocking" effect, as though something was gently nudging my own energy field, retracting slightly, and nudging again, in a pulsing rhythm, causing slight rocking of my physical body as I sat on the floor in front (2nd row back) in seiza posture. At the same time, I perceived a kind of "solar wind" effect of heat or blowing precisely from her direction. This had not been apparent in the 30 mins I had sat in same spot waiting before Gangaji's entrance, nor had I felt it in the first couple of minutes of plain sitting quietly with G. on her perch. It came on gradually towards the end of the quiet sitting intro phase. I do not experience this energetic "rocking" or "solar wind" effect during my normal shakti/ki bodywork and meditative activity, though of course I experience many other typical Shakti effects on my own. This was definitely perceptible as emanation from G herself. This effect persisted throughout the Satsang until G's departure. I may have looked a bit weird with that slight rocking, but it was strong and definite. More interpretive comments about this at the end of this note.

After stiring a bit, and gazing quietly around the room with a visual sweep right-to-left / front-to-back, G opened with introductory comments in a clear, strong, but otherwise unremarkable voice (though kind of an odd combination of Texas and India in the accent)! She spoke in a slow and measured cadence of her gratitude to us for coming and what she hoped and presumed was our gratitude in having the chance to be there. She mentioned that some people might have come in devotion, and others in skepticism (telepathically picking up ~my hopefully neutral but definitely non-devotee mentality?? ) 

More talk along these lines, gratitude, openness "to the Nectar" of truth, Satsang and togetherness, etc. Just a few minutes of that.

Then the "bulk" of the Satsang consisted of G choosing an attendee from among a few raised hands in the crowd, inviting such choos-ee forward to the chair adjoining her own on the podium.

The first couple such choosee's were clearly hard-core, long-time female devotees/attendee's. Absolutely totally and completely blissed out. Not to criticize at all - this was touching to witness. Definitely all such as those love G totally - body, mind and soul. They stumbled about a bit with their words, but it was pretty much a non-verbal exercise of Bliss Kiss anyway, G held their hand throughout. Just talk about gratitude, progress, understanding (finally! - seem to be the idea of it), and declarations of love for the Guru (e.g. "I am SO in love with you!") Again, it was touching, played better than it sounds her. G absorbed it with panache, sincere interest without any ego puffery that I could detect. G made some encouraging comments along the lines "That's beautiful, that's reality, you have found yourself" etc etc. Pretty generic lines, really more New Age-y and less Advaitistic than I'd expected. Actually G never once trotted out ANY of the harder-edged Advaita staples screenplay such as "Who do you think is experiencing this bliss?" or even "What do you mean you love others now? There ARE no others!" It was pretty much straight-forward New Age Love Bomb validation. Again, performed with style, dignity, and apparent sincerity by G, unfailingly impressive in her slightly detached sympathy and warmth... paradox ?

Others rotated through the hot seat... all appeared tongue-tied and blissed out while interacting with G, though this may have been just stage fright for many. A few near or total newbies. All got the same validation and warmth from G, nobody got any Kali-ficational harsh-guru come-uppance at all. Only one male I think. He made a funny response to G's question: "So, what do you REALLY want?" "You mean, apart from wanting  you to be my Mommy?" ...

One girl was a very young and sweet veterinary medicine student. This triggered a nice mention by G of Ramana's lover for animals, which I've always greatly greatly admired him for, and G displayed her humor here, saying to the girl "Well you have charmed THIS animal (pointing to herself), ... do you want to pat my head?" (G lowers her head playfully to the girl's hand.) That was cute, got a laugh from the crowd.

Overall G was unfailingly polite, gracious, affirming, humorous, dignified, ever-so-slighty remote/distant.

During all this I was absorbing considerable directed energy emanating (not in any personal way of course) directly from where G was sitting. I am sensitive to energy and capable of objectively detecting and reporting about this aspect. Felt slightly detached from myself, completely aware-but-utterly uncaring about the physical discomfort of sitting motionless in seiza on the hard floor for two hours... seemed to be happening to somebody else.

Yet I was NOT "blissed out" in any true sense, just felt warmed/fuzzed by her energy field/emanation, and also this slight or odd feeling of detachment from myself. But there was not any kind of really dramatic experience internally ( I did not care/mind about that of course of course. I went to this with as objective, neutral and open a mind as possible, just in the sprit of "I heard she sang a good song; I heard she had a style; and so I came to see her; to listen for a while" - that's all, not requiring, expecting or needing to be blissed out or Insta-Enlightened (as some people reported from visiting Ramana at Arunachala, for instance).

Well speaking of songs, it was about time to wind up, so G gently shut down the raised hands, saying that the closing song, to be sung by one "Kirtana" (spelling?) would "answer your questions now". The performer was an intensely serious looking young woman with solo self-accompaniment on guitar.

Minor surprising incident, in that as the boom mike was being adjusted over the guitar, the mic fell out of its holder onto the guitar with a loud bang! The performer looked a tad shaken (superstitious group, at heart?) but G recovered very nicely with a warm, deep chuckle and a comment about "slapstick" and then turned attention momentarily away from the confused young woman by making a nice joke about "Hey why'd you guys turn off MY mike now? I guess they're making sure I can't sing along!"

The song itself was a death-bed lament of regrets as though the writer/singer were actually dying, and looking back to how she ought to have lived life. Though rather odd in expressing deathbed regrets about a "life" that from Ramana's point of view would presumably be said never to have occurred in the first place, it was beautifully sung and played and very moving in its content. I wouldn't mind having a recording of that. Definitely some teary eyes at the end of that.

That was it. G made a few closing remarks that more or less escaped me (except for one that for some reason struck me - she said "Our next session is scheduled to happen early March, but maybe we won't ever meet again, you just never know. Things can change in the world so quickly."), then gathered the stack of letters from the table at her side, and quietly descended the stage.

We remained sitting quietly for a minutes. Then after a few more procedural info points from an assistant, we put on our shoes and filed out.

My energetic impression had remained absolutely constant, or slightly intensifying throughout the entire 2-hour Satsang. It ceased pretty much immediately after G left the hall, with not much after-effect. This was not a "heart" radiation of love, it was warm, yes - but not a pure love energy. It was just a power field. It reminded me very much of the impersonal power field or "solar wind" type emanation that is very clearly perceptible in the vicinity of the Great Buddha bronze statue at Kamakura, Japan. Pretty much identical. What I'm thinking is that this might possibly be the accumulated layers simply of all those thousands who have concentrated their devotional attention towards G over these dozen years ? This is what in Pranic Healing would be called "energetic cords" - a kind of affliction, or irritating by-product, of fame, in their terms, but not really connected with traditional or Advaitistic notions of enlightenment. I'm not sure about it.

As I crossed the parking lot to my car, I spotted Gangaji with a small knot of people around her own car, preparing to depart. As I crossed a dozen yards away, she suddenly looked beyond her immediate cluster of people, exactly in my direction, I think looking to hail or greet somebody getting into their car just behind where I was walking.

But seeing her gaze momentarily (accidentally) lock on to me, I felt a sudden surge of deep respect for her, and spontaneously bowed with Namaste towards her, completely heartfelt. She looked at me with a slight and brief smile, before turning away.


Eckhart Tolle Session Mar 29, 2003

I turned up an hour early for Eckhart Tolle's scheduled appearance at a New Age church facility in Los Angeles (Culver City). My ticket was general seating, so I figured I'd arrive waaaay early, an hour early in fact, to secure a near-front location. I consider location an important tactical element for these events, based on my theory that these enlightened types may be shedding some kind of emanative energy which could lead to a pleasant and possibly permanent contact high, thus sparing me a lot of blood, sweat, and sneers in my own chase after the big E.

One block from the event, I get my first clue - Tolle is a Big League Player! Uniformed traffic directors all over, gesturing a long line of cars into a distant side lot, the traffic already beginning to snarl. I park and scoot into the venue, dodging the milling throngs, get my ticket marked by one of the phalanx of ticket takers, stroll blissfully into the (cavernous, church-ified warehouse of a) meeting hall - only to find ALL the "good" seats including the entire center section and most of the remote wing sections on either side pasted with "RESERVED" signs and prohibitive tape and ropes. So I creatively, grabbed a chair from the far back and slid it up as an innocent appendage to the end of an existing center-section row.

Lucky I'd got there early though, as when it came up to within 15 minutes of show time, the question wasn't getting a GOOD seat, it was getting ANY seat. Tons of people still showing up at the door, tickets in hand, being told "We have no more seats..." This seemed to raise some irritation and ire among the ingressing masses. Some individuals more vociferous than others, as always. But I could detect the strain of New Ager's trying to keep their spiritual cool under the hammer of mundane resource-scarcity pressure.

Eventually that problem was solved by opening up two large virgin sections of choir seating on stage behind Tolle's (prospective) chair.

The audience seemed more gender-balanced than either Katie's (f/m 80/20) or Gangaji's (f/m 70/30), at about f/m 60/40. Women always seem to predominate at these things ?

On the stage/platform itself, there was little stagecraft, just the obligatory paired vases of Satsang-Love-In flowers, a simple (audience-identical) four legged chair, a standing mic at chair level, and a smallish table to the chair's right, with water glass.

The event began a bit late, what with all the filing in and seat hunting. Finally the doors were shut, it got quiet... I was absorbed in some day-dreaming, NOT in the present moment - and when I looked back up on stage - there he was, already standing there, bathed in spotlight, adjusting the standing mic. A smallish and physically unprepossessing guy, I'm sure most of you know. Humble and gentle in appearance and mannerisms. He sat and composed himself, and didn't begin to talk for another 5 minutes or so.

The entire audience of TWELVE HUNDRED PEOPLE (at $75 a shot!) fell reverentially quiet.

After a relatively short opening-silence stint, Eckhart began to speak quietly, in a near-monotone. His voice is gentle, lulling, not unpleasant - approximating 2001's HAL 9000 computer voice, but layered with a touch of soft German accent and the occasional flash of a humorous twinkle.

Kind of an elfin type (though decidedly not a Legolas in the looks department... but hey I'm not exactly Paul Newman myself)

He began with a somewhat interesting riff about "how you might be feeling right now",  referring to the just-past ticket snafu's. He said that those frustrations ("What do you mean there are no more seats ?! I've got a ticket!!) were a good practice opportunity for awareness, for saying "yes" to the "form of the present moment". Observe any frustration in yourself, feel how the righteous anger strengthens the small mind, confirming the ego's "rightness" - feel the strengthening yet hardening, almost contraction, of your energy field, the effect on your body, etc.

Of course, absolutely none of the above applied to me at all, as I'd gotten an OK seat long before game time ... Hahaha!

Just kidding, of course he meant it to apply to all of us, and to any other frustration. I only mention it because he returned to this narrative about the ticket frustrations several times throughout the evening.

Lately I've begun to realize that a Satsang, or quasi-Satsang, or pseudo-Satsang or whatever these are, needs to be "evaluated" (if at all) on a couple different levels. The "small (egoic) mind" always needs to judge right ? That's what I'll be doing here.

From the "small mind's" point of view, the intellect that is, most or all of what Eckhart said would be considered platitudes, New Age truisms, or just common sense. He talked for example about themes such as "people who can't give up the role of being a mother or father - even when the child is already 30" (shocking!) or "when you do anything even something trivial, like buying a newspaper, treat it as a chance to engage another equal being with your full attention" or "children get taught labels too early, before they have a chance to fully observe and appreciate a 'tree' they learn to label, categorize, and forget trees'. Now all the above themes (developed at some length) are certainly true and valuable insights... but - honestly - fairly tame stuff.

Of course, my saying it is 'tame' or 'common sense' - all that is just mind-chatter, the shallow and supercilious "intellect" (such as mine is LOL!) compulsively slapping down, judging, comparing, carping, etc.

Yep, I know it.

Tolle himself gets major self-awareness points for stating at the outset that "your mind will feel bored and restless in this session... and it won't excite your emotions either" I mean, what can one say to that ?

Yes, overall it WAS fairly boring, at the level of mind or intellect. You might as well have stayed home and read - I don't know - possibly "Conversations with God" or something ? Or Jonathan Livingston Seagull ? Or hey just stay home and read Tolle's own book (which delivers all his concepts in a far superior fashion than his talk last night, but I don't hold that against him, as I believe he correctly assumed that he was addressing an audience of those in-the- know, and already-on-board.)

So another level of analysis, for me at least, is energetic. I do sometimes get a major, directly palpable energy hit from certain teachers. Unfortunately, I didn't feel much of that from Eckhart either. Maybe I was seated too far away ? Rather than feeling hyper-alert, I began to feel drowsy and dozy before half way through. Bit of an ordeal actually, three hours of that, with Eckhart just a small distant figure on the stage.

The (dare I say it?) boredom was compounded by the fact that of the 3 guru's surveyed, Eckhart had the least audience participation, that is to say, zero. None whatsoever! Swept onto the stage, sat, talked for just shy of 3 hours, "Thank you thank you", down off the stage, quickly through the center aisle to the main door, flanked by nervous-looking attendants on all side, into a waiting semi-limo type car - whoosh he's OUTTA there... But again highly understandable, as frankly what would the audience do if he hung around ? Just blather and bother him with all their dumbass personal baggage and "problems". So I do genuinely sympathize with him on this point... However, it WOULD have been nice if a few vetted "philosophical" type questions from the audience had been permitted... would have helped keep me awake at least.

It got more interesting in certain stretches. Being in LA, I guess he thought he should address some local concerns, so he talked a little about how in his 20's he'd always wanted to be "recognized" and "appreciated" by the world. But the world never did. Then he said the irony of it is that now "The world thinks I'm great" (appreciative laughter from audience) but that this outcome, now, really doesn't matter at all. He said (tad wistfully?) that being a nobody, unknown to the world, is actually a wonderful thing. He related that bit of personal stuff to an archetypal LA story, going on at some length about how you might today be working as a waiter or waitress and then be suddenly discovered by a major director, end up "moving to Beverly Hills" - then realizing you are still the same person... not satisfied, because "the world of form is not stable"... it can't last, etc. It began to get slightly trite again (<== small, egoic mind Judgement Alert!!)

I did encounter one major insight, a really interesting point he made that indeed seemed to blow my mind somewhat and really woke me up at least. I'm probably not doing this justice, but anyway essentially he made the point that when we look out into space (normal, you know, stars and stuff) there are two kinds of things going on there. There's all the stars, planets, comets and what not, which are the forms or objects, and then there is ... well, there's space. That from out of which all the stuff arises. And he compared that situation to our internal experience of thoughts, constantly streaming, but there's always a huge background field always present, out of which they arise. And then he linked that back to present moment appreciation, the Now, saying that if you resent and resist "the form that the present moment takes" you will never be able to see past that form, into the ever-present Space from which the present moment eternally arises ...

Wow ! Now THAT was cool stuff! I'm probably not catching it right in my description above, please refer to Eckhart's existing or planned published materials for the real deal (don't recall reading this in his existing books, or hearing it on the CD's), but I've summarized it here in the context of saying  that that portion really DID seem to open up my brain and perceptions, like a drug. The effect lasted from that segment of his talk until next morning, but is now wearing away. Oh well, it was fun. And I think it is an interesting idea/practice  to work with in the future ... maybe he will go into that further in his next book.

[How they stack up]

That was cool!

Overall though, perhaps due to the crowds, the distance, the 'boring' format, whatever, this was the least interesting and 'charging' of my "Big 3" Satsang attendances. Maybe that just means my mind is desperately trying to drag me away from this guy as it senses that HERE, after all, lies the truly greatest threat to its small-time ego shell game... ??

In the personality/presence sweepstakes, the Win, Place, and Show trophies all go to ... Byron Katie !! Yep, she has by far the most interesting, cool, riveting, kick-ass personality of the three, magnetic, genuine, interesting... what can I say, somehow "real" in a more palpable way than the other two (Eckhart, Gangaji). And, definitely not afraid to grapple with anything anybody wanted to say... she had no message really, other than her 4 questions that fit on an index card, just pure audience work. Yet despite her engaging charisma, she never seemed at all phony or manipulative - she seemed like a woman who has simply arrived at her true self. With her winning personality and riveting work-the-crowd style, the exact opposite of Eckhart. Well I know I shouldn't be comparing them. So sue me.

As for the energetics area, Gangaji easily steals the show. Alone of the three, she absolutely radiated a completely obvious and fully charged energy field that was almost instantly detectable, constant throughout the session, warm strong and just so OBVIOUS. She was all energy.

But in the "message" department, despite the boring session I've just described, I think Eckhart, based on his books, is the MAN. His writing is so clear, simple and useful, I don't see how you can beat it as a fully accessible step-by-step walk-through of the concepts, showing exactly how our own egoic mind possesses us like a demon, uses us like donkeys, and basically laughs at us like fools for not seeing through all the stupid games. It is just so easy to see (in other people at least), once you've read Eckhart's book.

* – This is an expandable set of pages. If you've been to see any of my listees and would like to offer an "objective" report, ie from one not already "attached" to the teacher in question or full of ideas based on attachment to a "competing" teacher, send it in (Feedback) and i'll be happy to put it up. Other Reports

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