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Tony Parsons, undated

I recently went to a meeting with Tony Parsons. Below is how I reported it to a friend.

Finally, someone real.

I wasn't disappointed, and it wasn't a transformative moment either. We did have a great laugh though, he popped quite a few old and cherished bubbles for a few very over-inflated folk.

If you've read his stuff, you know what the basic message is, but he mentioned a few which really hit home again, maybe because of something else going on behind the words.

The first was, someone asked him, after a long and persistent interrogation which went nowhere (of course):

"So what have I come here for then?"

Tony: "To die." He let the silence which followed that go on for about 10 seconds, and it felt like 3 hours. (If you haven't read his stuff, have a quick look at

At some point he related the story of some guy who had been meditating for decades, obviously getting nowhere, who realised what Tony was saying, the penny dropped (or rather, the ego did) and he was then roaring with laughter for 3 weeks.

And a nice cameo picture of the original Buddha, sitting underneath the tree, about to give up: "Oh, fuck it................................OH!............ AH!!!!!"

There was a theme about how both the "good" and the "bad" in the world are all the Beloved, God, the One, the Source etc "gooding" and "badding", and that enlightenment or awakening doesn't mean that you suddenly get a halo and walk about doing miracles. you can still do "bad" things, but it doesn't matter, because it's all the beloved playing the game. (Tough one for the religious, that). How some people have a partial glimpse (as I did) then rush off and think they have to somehow convert everyone or help them, or some other "good works" (Have to hold my hand up to that one). What often then happens is that burst of energy, because they haven't fully got the clarity of the message, gets turned back into self-glorification. Equally, fully awakened people have no real compunction to change anything in their lives, the only thing that has changed is the perspective, there are no magical powers, no second sight, none of the hollywood stuff. Just a different perspective, and they see all the time that everything is all the beloved, and that everything that happens, needs to happen. Things just arise.

I asked a couple of things, 1. Is it possible then, that for example Adolf Hitler could have been awakened? He said Absolutely, in fact there are a few people that saw in him, in the early days, a kind of capacity to love everything, but it got poisoned by turning back on itself later.

2. How do you decide what to do in the mornings? Or rather, how does your daily activities get decided?" He said pretty much the same as they ever did, except now it's not motivated from a need to achieve something out there, to confirm something in here, there's nothing here anymore, just a flavour of Tony Parsons, what's here is the beloved tonyparsons-ing. Actually, stuff gets done more efficiently, because there's not all that clutter of tonyparsons' ego getting in the way, trying to control the show.

But there definitely was something else there, going on. In the silences between questions, there was something tangible. I don't know what it was, I couldn't put it into words, though of course in the end someone's ego couldn't stand it any more and they had to try. And failed miserably of course. Tony just smiled at them. And we all laughed, and then they did. Great.

Something has changed though. Something very small, not a big transcendental explosion, just something that has taken away the need to nail everything down. I don't know how long it will last, but I like it.

So, all I can tell you is that if you go and see Tony, you won't get anything, you might realise that everything you have worked for has been in vain, all your intellectual abilities are irrelevant (in the sense that you thought they might better lead you to awakening) and that the best thing you could do is to give up trying. And that of course is precisely what your ego does not want, will not allow, and will martial all its powers to prevent happening. If you really want to be deflated, depressed, confused, dejected, defeated, made fun of, laughed at, go and see him.

I use the word "you" advisedly, of course.

BTW, Tony sat on a hard chair, at the same level as us. Or stood. For about four and a half hours. I was impressed.

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