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Tony Parsons, Feb 9, 2006, Munich

I attended an evening with Tony Parsons on Friday, 09 February, 2006 in Munich, Germany.

Can not say that I was impressed or depressed or unimpressed.

What I can say is that the whole notion of the question and answer format in which the event was conducted is a complete joke especially when the speaker (Tony) speaks from and replies to questions only from an "absolute level" despite the fact that most of the questions were spoken from a "relative" or "dualistic" level of thought.

It was a constant mixing of apples and oranges, a mixing of levels which is a recipe for confusions, blank stares and ultimate uselessness for daring to ask a question at all. Silence pervades the room but it is a uneasy silence, which in my view only perpetuates ignorance. Of course, such an approach is indefensible. The relative level can never win an argument with the absolute this is impossible. Nothing can approach nothingness in order to get something, so it is no wonder or bother that every question asked will get slammed down and have zero merit for the questioner. It was a circular circus. A witting "spiritual" non-dialog trying to sound spiritually significant. It was spiritual business at its best and the best part is that people clapped at the end, including myself simple out of courtesy for the entertainment.

Not one questioner got a reply that may speak to his relative need or level of understanding. Every time Tony's lips moved in response, the question was reframed from the perspective of the absolute. This is trickery in my view, not Mastery. It is not only cheap, but does not allow for any kind of coherent dialog and little food for contemplation upon REALITY, The No-thing-ness, or No-other-ness, or whatever word used to describe what is beyond all description.

I did not attend out of any search or need for an answer to any troubling soul searching question and for that I am happy. The money spent at the door would have been about the same for going to the movies (including the cost of the popcorn) so it was not considered as a complete waste of my time and money. I just cannot see the point anymore of such babble on a subject of such immense import to any conscious being. Indeed, I saw the whole interaction and exchange as creating more confusion and utter uselessness, which may be a good thing? I have no way to know or evaluate this.

But what I did not appreciate is the spin being put on the face of No Thing and being sold in the market place as a commodity like everything else. His approach was of course different than others as he claimed. 

The mind can't comprehend it, or understand, and yet the mind wants to understand, he said. Naturally it is the nature of the mind to seek understanding and on the relative level there is understanding that is subject to the rules (if you will) of duality, but to mix the two levels in a dialog is only to make a bigger mess out of an already messy subject for minds that cannot be still.

As a human being, he was witty, fun and clear in his speech about non-duality. He is quite capable in the use of spoken English. The old the light is on but nobody is home seems to be the routine. He certainly was not pretentious, quite simple really and this I did appreciate, but still of no help to anyone. He gives a bad name to the concept of spiritual teachers, of course he is not a spiritual teacher he might say. He is no more the receiver of his thoughts, so he says, but then what is the point?

I would call it spiritual confusion for a buck (actually 12 Euros)

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