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Vancouver, BC Canada

At the time of writing, we are a somewhat active centre, putting out this magazine, and running five meditations a week, [okay, now down to four] including White Robe. In our relatively laid-back and sparsely populated (compared, say, to Köln) sannyas environment, we feel this is pretty good. More energy and company and input is of course always welcome. Vancouver, in its way, is a beautiful city and a superb setting for sannyas-related endeavours (boost, boost!)

We had a meditation recently where instructions were given to visitors simultaneously in French, German and Malay. This says more about our internationalness than about the number of new people we get... and – full disclosure time – the instructions in Malay were not really for a visitor, and were neither needed nor comprehended... but it made my day.

More recently things have gotten slower on the daily front but our celebrations – wild music for special occasions like Osho's birthday and sannyas celebrations have taken off. So things change. Also we are putting on every two or three months a "Meditation Camp," a full day of lots of different kinds of Osho's meditations. Stay tuned!

And more recently again, yet more reduction: The centre has been passed on to another couple to run as it was not feasible for it to continue in its then-present situation, and the co-ordinators needed to move on. Currently the co-ordinators are Ma Prem Neeraj (author of an article in Issue #2) and her partner, Sw Deva Arjava. You can still use my email address below for contact, and i will forward. Meditations are less frequent but Neeraj and Arjava send out info re local events and Osho quotes daily by email.

email: sarlo at telus.net (note new address)
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change the "_at_" to "@". This is to cut down on
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Information about local happenings is available in weekly updated messages at:
OSHO VANCOUVER COMMUNITY INFOLINE: (604) 473-0679. [NB no longer happening]
And similarly in Seattle at: (206) 287-9779

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