Does the Wheel of Life Look Like This to You?

Read This and Change Your Life!

From extensive observations of myself and others over the last twenty years or so, it has become clear that there are three areas where people are driven by forces beyond their control and understanding to act again and again in ways counter to their own best interests. These areas are common to more or less everyone. Common, pervasive and powerful. These are sex, money and power.
Okay, so it's not original. But check this out.
You can talk about your hangups and issues ad nauseum on the shrink's couch, but a therapy that works can help you only by taking you through your issues. "Through" means getting immersed, even lost, until you emerge on the other side.
Now get this: my once-in-a-lifetime process is ready to take you through these problem areas to get to the other side and stay there. This unique patented three-step revolution in consciousness, Screw Da Blues® will make you a new person, guaranteed.

1) Give me all your money.
2) Bend over.
3) Do everything I tell you for a week.

After you have been screwed these three ways, you will be helped to process all the things that come up, to examine and discard all the useless, inappropriate old conditioned responses, until you are left with the pristine essence of your True Self.
Sound good? You better believe it!
Sex, money and power problems FINISHED FOREVER!


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Beyond Death®,
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