Osho Songs Listed by Artist
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* = also known by another title
(# = words, chords and title per Giri, from his Songbook)

Ah This 

Children of the Rising Sun #

The Cuckoo’s Call
Fire from Your Eyes* (rec by Milarepa)
From the Fire of Stars  
How Beautiful This Mystery* (rec by Milarepa)
One Breath  
Strong My Roots  
This Moment is Everything
You Put a Song in my Life (rec by Milarepa)

Drunk with the Divine  (with Bharti)
I Feel So Lucky  (with Bharti)
Listen to the Man of Love  (with Bharti)
A Voice in the Wilderness  (with Bharti)
Waiting For The Master  (with Bharti)

When I Look into the Night  


Asalaam Aleikum*

Back Into the Ring
Beacuse You're Alive
Close Your Eyes Now, Rest Inside 
Colours of Creation
Dancing Lightly
Don’t Let a Chance Like This Go By*
Don't Push the River
Draw Near, Draw Near
Drinking From Your Wine
The Edge of the Far Spreading Wing
The Endless Sky Of Your Eyes
Even If You Have Broken Your Vows
Flower of a Man
Fly High
Get Out, Get Out
Happy To Fly With You
Have You Let His Smile
Here Is a Garden
He's Flown Beyond the Sunset
He's the Sun*
How Does It Feel?
I Dance My Way To Freedom
If You Don't Fight With Life
I’m Here to Wake Up
In the Grace of Your Presence
Into Your Hands
I Say Yeah to the High and Low
Let My Love Grow
Let's Rejoice and Sing
Light Upon Light
Like a Hollow Bamboo
Love, Life, Laughter
Love’s Returning*

May the Love We Share*

Oh My Lord You Are a Fire*
Only in Silence
Only One Sky # @ Sufi Dancing
Our Birth Is But a Sleep
Out Of the Head
See a World In a Grain Of Sand
Should You Wish To Know

Silence Sings #

Sitting Silently Doing Nothing
The Sun Behind the Sun*
Talking to My Inner Lover*
Thank You For Giving Me All That I Need
There is so Much Magnificence
This Too Will Pass
This Very Place the Lotus Paradise
Towards the One*
The Universe is Singing (rec by Milarepa)
Wake Up This Moment*
Wake Up Wake Up*
Walk into the Holy Fire
Waves of Love Wash Over Me
The Way of the White Cloud
We Make Love Go All the Way
When a Flower Blooms
When the Stars Fall Down

Wherever I Go

You Are the Mountain
You Are the Treasure
You Ought To've Been There
You're My All and Everything*
Your Love Is Breaking My Heart

C Arjun and Rahasya
In Your Love  
Silent Breeze  

Drunk with the Divine  (with Abodha)
I Feel So Lucky  (with Abodha)
Listen to the Man of Love  (with Abodha)
Love of the Master*
A Voice in the Wilderness  (with Abodha)
Waiting For The Master  (with Abodha)

From the Smallest Grassleaf
Nothing is Said (with Pratibha)
This is It #
We Are Buddha Nature

All the Birds
In the Darkest Night #
Trees Bow Down
Winds of the East*

Where the Eagles Fly*

Your Love Osho*

The Emptiness of You 

Every Time I Look in Your Eyes

Like the Wind Through the Trees #


Dancing in Your Light

The Miracle of You

Empty Sky  
I Just Close My Eyes
I Keep On Loving You (with S Arjun)
The Sound of Water
Up in the Blue Sky #
You Are a Cloud Full of Rain 

Flowers Will Shower (with Milarepa)

Alive, Alive 

Caravan to Godliness*
Deep in Love*
Free Birds

Life is a Play #
Man of the Truth #

Master of Masters #
My Heart's Full of You*

Persuade the Buddha
Standing Naked

This Moment*
Touch of Your Blessings

Welcome Home

Yes Osho Yes

Your Blessings  

Milarepa (‡ = recorded by him, written by . . . )
Crystal Clear
‡ Subodha

Endless Night

Fire from Your Eyes* ‡ Abhinandan
Flowers Will Shower (with Maneesha)

Here in My Heart

Home is Where the Heart is ‡ Narayani
How Beautiful This Mystery* ‡ Abhinandan
I am Touched ‡ Neera 
I Can Hear You
The Master’s Garden  
Om Shanti ‡ Subhan
Osho We Your People  
River of Life  
Roll on River 

The Time Is Right* ‡ Narayani

The Universe is Singing ‡ Anubhava 
Where Earth and Sky Are One
With a Fire in Our Hearts  
You Put a Song in my Life ‡ Abhinandan
Your Dream is Alive Now  
Your Love is an Invitation  
You Touch Me Deep Inside* ‡ Narayani


Beyond the Beyond  
Burning Up
Close to You  
Crazy For You  
Dancing in Your Garden  
Drop the Baggage  
E Na Mu Laya 
Falling Leaves*
The Heart Like the Sun  
I Can Feel Your Heartbeat*
I Can Hear Your Music  
In Wonder  
Like Falling Leaves*
Listen Listen  
Living in the Inescapable  
Love is the Fire*
The Mystery
Never Born, Never Died  
Rhythm of the Heart 
Singing River 
Totally Wild, Absolutely Free  
Watching Your Vision Unfolding  
Whisper in a Hurricane  
White Swan  
With You Osho  

Home is Where the Heart is (rec by Milarepa)

The Time Is Right*
(rec by Milarepa)
You Touch(ed) Me Deep Inside* (rec by Milarepa)

I am Touched
(rec by Milarepa)


Lord of the Full Moon

Joy in My Life  

The Way of the Heart  

Sambodhi Prem
We Melt into Your Love  


I Wake Up to Your Love*

Looking Inside*


My Heart Is Opening
One Love

Sweet Bhagwan

This Precious Moment


Wings of Love #

Your Silence Osho

Om Shanti (rec by Milarepa)

Crystal Clear 

Ocean of Joy # 

Gently Bowing Down

Altitude of Your Love
Celebrate This Ecstasy 
The Heartbeat of Eternity*
Just Say Yes  
Listen to the Wind

The Beauty That Surrounds You
Depth of My Being*
I Feel You Take me to the Depth*
In Love*
In Your Garden*

We Are Flowers* #
You Are My Friend

Dance Till You Fall in Love  

Unknown Authors

Back to My Heart – Pune 3
Bhagwan I Surrender to You – Ranch?
Every Moment
God is Absolutely Wild – Ranch?
I Let it All Go – Pune 1
I Love You – Ranch?
In a Wonderful Way – Ranch?
Infinite Sun – trad chant, Pune 1 sufi dance
It Is Here – Ranch?
Let the Wind Blow – Ranch?
Nothing Ever Happens – Pune 1 sufi dance
Osho Celebration
– Pune 3
Osho, Your Love is Showering Again # 
Riding the Waves # 
Seasons Round and Round # 
Silently Watching*
Soul Train – Ranch?
Standing in Your Grace – Ranch
Thank You Bhagwan – Ranch?
We All Set Off #
We Celebrate You – Ranch?
We Celebrate You, Osho
We Sing You – Ranch?
With Love in Our Heart – Ranch?
Ya Azim – trad, Pune 1 sufi dance
Your Love Is Dancing*
Your Lovers Are Here Tonight – Ranch? 

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