– Your Blessings –
by Maniko, Pune 3/Ranch,
full audio available at Osho Music Archive

A rendering of the melody in letter format is available here. Note that "here" is based on a ranch-era doc, suggesting an earlier origin than Pune 3, though only the first two lines were published or sung at that time.

[Note that chords for the first two lines are played with open E string, making the chords more complex. "addE" simply reflects this open string.]

DaddE                                     C4addE

   Your blessings have filled my life

BbaddE                                      DaddE

   Your being moves my heart to singing

Bb           C                           D

   Here I am, and here you are

                 Bm7    C              A         D    D7

   So patiently,    waiting for me to wake

Bb           C                           D

   Here I am, and here you are

               Bm7     C           A         DaddE

   So silently,      giving to me your love... 
[leading into verse first time through]
   (...has filled my life...)

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