– Your Love is Breaking My Heart –
from the Orange Songbook,
by Anubhava*

Your love is breaking my heart  

NB: There are other words printed on the page above
this sheet music. Para says that Anubhava would sing them,
but the music is not supplied here.The words are:

There are worlds awaiting in the sky,
a universe so great, so vast and wide,
all the stars and suns that call me forth to fly
and the sound of silence that fills my heart with joy.
And I look at you
and I see everything I need to live.

Bhagwan, I love your love . . .

Your love is really breaking my heart.

And also note, this is another of those times when the key signature
says B is flatted but B appears as one of the chords. Try Bb.

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*Anubhava is now known as Peter Makena
Other songs by him:       his site