– Celebrate This Ecstasy –
by Sudhananda
audio sample available at Osho Music Archive,
track 08, is sufficient to learn song

         Em            D             Em         C      D

twice A note about the structure: "Celebrate ..." is the refrain, sung twice before each verse (first "Every breath that comes ..." and then "All the stars that shine ...") and also before the bridge (new structure, "Like the sunrise ...")

Then an instrumental break and carry on with whatever!

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate this ecstasy

C                             D      Bm                          Em D

Every breath that comes,   every breath that goes

C                             D   Bm                              Em D

The colours of the sun,   the fragrance of the rose

C                          D    Bm               Em D

All the stars that shine    in the galaxies

C                       D     Bm                                    Em D

Every blade of grass,    the mountains and the trees

Em                                      B

     Like the sunrise in the morning

G                                         A

     As the darkness disappears

C                                G

     Joy is rising up inside (of) me

Am                        B                  Em     C D

     (And) love is melting every fear

{And about the words above in parentheses, "of" is
written in the CD's liner notes but not sung and "And"
is sung but not written. I would say go with what's sung,
ie the meal, not the menu.}

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