– Your Dream is Alive Now –
by Milarepa, Pune 3
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D                               G        A   D

 From the darkness comes the light

       A         G            D

 To sit with us each night

        G             A    D           A   G

 We welcome him with our song

D                      G      A    D

 His fragrance rides the wind

    A         G            D

 Into the hearts of men

        G           A     D          A  G

 His love like fire burns in me

  G                A                  G

 And as the music fills the air

      A        G           D        G   A

 Osho my life is a dance now

G            A                     G

 I lift my voice up to the sky

      A             G            D    G   A

 Osho your dream is alive now

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