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~ The Giri Songbook ~

The Osho songbook published by me and my partner (limited circ, ~50 copies) in 1999 was not done in a vacuum. Many people supported it, as its aim was to help in music for community celebrations. Among the most helpful was Sw Prem Giri, who supplied a copy of his earlier Osho Songbook, compiled in 1990. About forty of Giri's songs were used in the 1999 songbook, some with modified chords or words, as the songs themselves evolved over the years.

GiriI revisited his songbook after the Osho Music Archive came online, to explore the possibility of more material. I found there are some twenty songs there i hadn't done; in fact, most of them i didn't even know. So another rich vein of Osho Music words and chords, waiting to be connected to a recorded version. And those connections ARE being made, as we write . . .

In addition to the printed songbook, i found three more songs handwritten on scraps of paper, so i also have put them up. They have the distinction of falling in between the categories of with chords and without: chords ARE written, but not connected with particular words, so placement is guesswork. As well, songs were not titled, so i have created titles for them. And already one of them has been reunited with its author, who has made the necessary corrections.

Giri is not longer available to consult about these songs, their source, who wrote them, how the tunes go, etc. He died in Nov 2010 in an automobile accident, a reminder of our ephemeral existence. These pages are dedicated to him. Titles, words and chords are all according to him except when other information is available . Many authors are as yet unknown; in fact, he may be one of them. Exact placement of chords in relation to lyrics may not be entirely correct. I am finding and/or guessing that on occasion they were a bit out of alignment, so some i have shifted slightly to accord with the perceived rhythm of the words, sometimes without knowing the songs :-) When a full recorded version is found, i am checking chords and placement.

= linked to an audio version, = no chords, or partial chords, * =  also known by another name
All the Birds – Dipamo
Caravan to Godliness
* – Maniko
Children of the Rising Sun – Abhinandan
Deep in Love
* – Maniko
In the Darkest Night – Dipamo
Life is a Play – Maniko
Like the Wind Through the Trees
Man of the Truth
– Maniko
Master of Masters – Maniko
No Words to Say
Ocean of Joy
– Subodha
Only One Sky
– Anubhava
Osho, Your Love is Showering Again

Riding the Waves
Seasons Round and Round

Silence Sings – Anubhava

Silently Watching*
This is It – Bindu
Up in the Blue Sky – Madhuro
We All Set Off
We Are Flowers
– Suresha
We Celebrate You, Osho
Wings of Love
– Sanjiva
Your Love Is Dancing*
Your Silence Osho – Sanjiva

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