– He's the Sun –
aka The Sun Behind the Sun
from the Orange Songbook,
by Anubhava*
full audio available at
Osho Music Archive (three versions)

The presentation of this song is fairly unusual, as is its appearance in the OS:
The sheet music, below, is preceded on its OS page by the words,
not only duplicating the words with the sheet music, but themselves preceded
by other words which appear to have nothing to do with He's the Sun.
Para says that Anubhava would get the men's and women's choral
voices going on the "normal" parts below and when they were going sufficiently
sing these other words on top of them. Their origin is apparently an old Sufi song
mentioned by Osho at the end of one of his Sufi books, Unio Mystica Vol 2.

The words are:

It may be said they came in vain
Let it not be that they came in vain
We leave the rest to you   (2x)
This the bequest we leave to you
We finished what we could do
We leave the rest to you   (2x)
Remember, this is work entrusted
Remember, we shall meet again

We leave the rest to you   (2x)

Hes the Sun Sheet Music

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*Anubhava is now known as Peter Makena
Other songs by him:       his site