Songs in the Key of Osho

Based on a hard-copy project originally compiled in Vancouver in 1999, the first part of this site holds the words and chords to over 100 songs written by Osho's lovers, dedicated to him and his vision. Where known, the vintage and artist / author are indicated, with a link to their site. Major additions were undertaken starting in 2011. More or less complete as of Feb 2012 are sheet music and chords for another fifty songs from the Pune One Orange Songbook. Also completed are the Ranch Songbook, as of Dec 2012, and the Giri Songbook, as of Apr 2013. See below for details and links, as well as the latest project, the "Audio Project."

More great news from 2012: some European sannyasins have digitalized every known bit of recorded sannyas music that they could find and put together an archive now publicly available on the net, at Osho Music Archive, hosted by Rudra in Australia. Songs from collections still commercially available or that might be commercially available at some time are not there in full, only as 60-second samples, including the music for all of Osho's meditations. Other than that, almost all the old music recorded in the Commune that has been found so far is there in full, often in multiple versions, free for listening. The site is a multiple orgasm for lovers of Osho's music.

And what's more, Rudra's site operates as a wiki, which means that anyone can contribute to it directly any piece of information they might have about this or that song, tape or artist, and help to enrich this treasure trove of Osho's music and lore about it. The best time to share that fragile bit of knowledge is now, before it is lost forever. You know what i'm talking about. Go to the archive and see how, or write to the archive folks if you need help or just want to pass a little something on.

Other than that, the best all-round site to connect with Osho's musicians is Otoons Music, a subsite of Devakrishna's massive project, Otoons. He has links to the musicians' own sites and has created pages to celebrate those who don't have sites, with links to buy CDs. Very thorough! A few more musicians are listed, with bios and links, at Sannyas Musicians, and a more commercial roster, with buy-CD links is at Prabhu Music. And to hear some of these songs and find out more interesting factoids, check out Meditation and More. And several beautiful quotes from Osho on music are here.

Should any inaccuracies exist in this site, or if you have other songs or information to add, please contact me at sarlo at telus dot net. Please note that this email address has been spelled out to reduce spam arising from automated email harvesters. When writing, change the "_at_" manually to "@" and "_dot_" to "." This is not difficult :-)

Chord notation used is as explained below. Bracketed numbers refer to notes in the major scale, flatted or sharped as noted. Also please be aware that the chords may not appear exactly in the right place because of the difficulty of exact placement using a text-only table format, and the different ways tables and fonts are displayed by different browsers. I use Arial font for the songs, which you should install if you don't have it (unlikely). I have learned since writing the above that a fixed-width font such as Courier will take care of all spacing issues but it looks weird and takes more space, so i'll stick with the problems noted, never mind the work a change would entail :-)

And as far as browsers are concerned, the chords get most out of line with their words in Netscape.
With Firefox, Opera and IE, they are close enough. Other browsers i dunno.

And a note about vintages: Pune 1 = 1974-81, Ranch = 81-85, Pune 2 = 87-90, Pune 3 = 90+.

CHORD NOTATION                    

b = flat
# = sharp
add = specified note extra
(plain) = maj (1-3-5)
m = min (1-b3-5)
2 = sus2 (1-2-5)
4 = sus4 (1-4-5)
+ = aug (1-3-#5)
– = dim (1-b3-b5-6)
6 = (1-3-5-6)

m6 = (1-b3-5-6)
7 = (1-3-5-b7)
m7 = (1-b3-5-b7)
mj7 = (1-3-5-7)
74 = (1-4-5-b7)
9 = (1-3-5-b7-9)
mj9 = (1-3-5-7-9)
m9 = min 9 (1-b3-5-b7-9)
( ) = alternative chord
/ = abnormal bass (specified)

Regarding the major additions mentioned above . . . A correspondent, Ma Para from Holland, has kindly sent scans of pages from an old Pune One songbook, Drinking from Your Wine Bhagwan, or more colloquially, the Orange Songbook. This original source material is an invaluable adjunct to what i have managed to put together, having not only words and chords to many Pune One songs (with some differences from my versions, ie beyond key change / transpositions) but also sheet music, so even the melody does not need to be known to sing it. This is a fabulous bit of sannyas history / archival material, and i am fortunate to be able to share it here. All but nine of these songs are ones i had not included before, so all in all a wealth of new material.

Completed in Dec 2012 is another new project, which i'm calling the Ranch Songbook. No such animal actually ever existed, but at festivals at the Oregon Ranch, programmes were handed out with words to the songs that were going to be sung in darshan/satsang. Para has also sent scans of four of these programmes. Many of the songs are words-only but for a goodly number the melody is indicated in a unique way which i have transcribed. As with the Orange Songbook, there is some duplication but lots of songs that are new here, with origins in both the Ranch and Pune One eras. Check it out. Most of the new songs do not have chords yet, but many are fairly simple and can be worked out from listening @ the Archive, or as circumstances allow, i may get around to them, (or if there's a fave must-have, write me).

Completed in Apr 2013 is the Giri Songbook, yet another songbook, with nineteen more new songs with words and chords, one with words only and three more with partial chords handwritten on scraps of paper. Since many of these songs were unknown to me, i have made an effort to connect them with audio versions and verify what i could, though many gaps remain. Details there.

And as of Feb 2013 . . . i was looking at some upload history for this site and whaddya know!?! It's now ten years since it was first up. Happy Anniversary to me!

AUDIO: In Mar 2013, the Audio Project got into gear, and as of the end of Apr, it has reached a relative plateau. Most songs below have been labelled with their audio status in the Osho Music Archive, ie whether audio can be found there and what type, and links have (mostly) been provided to those audio tracks from the song's page. The songs done are most of the simple types, full audio or teaching track. Those with only one-minute samples are more complicated to evaluate and are will be coming slowly, as will the remainder of the simple ones.

And speaking of the Archive, the simplest way to approach it is via the overall Music page, which can get you started browsing in any category, the broadest categories appearing right at the top, eg
Listing by Tracks, Albums, Artists and so on, with more specific categories following.

Okay! On with the show already!

(Listed by song || Listed by author)

       Audio status:
A = full "original"
audio available
= 60-sec sample, adequate to learn song
= incomplete audio, not enough to learn from
T = homemade cover "teaching track" available
0 = no audio at all
      Other thingies:
* = also listed under another title
(O) =
OS songs with newly created titles ()
** = OS songs done previously, ie two versions
(nc) = no chords, all Ranch except three of Giri's
# = info per Giri, developed from his Songbook

"original" = from a published tape or CD
= OS had no titles at all. New titles an adaptation of songs' first lines

A Ah This – Abhinandan
A Alive, Alive – Maniko
0 All the Birds # – Dipamo
Altitude of Your Love – Sudhananda
T Asalaam Aleikum*** – Anubhava
A Back Into the Ring (O) – Anubhava
Back to My Heart – Pune 3
A The Beauty That Surrounds You – Suresha
A Because You're Alive
– Anubhava
A Beyond the Beyond – Miten
A Bhagwan I Surrender to You (nc) – Ranch
A Burning Up* – Miten
A Caravan to Godliness
* # – Maniko
Celebrate This Ecstasy – Sudhananda
0 Children of the Rising Sun # – Abhinandan
A Close to You – Miten
0 Close Your Eyes Now, Rest Inside (O) – Anubhava
A Colours of Creation (O) – Anubhava
A Cool* Bharti
A Crazy For You – Miten
A Crystal Clear – Subodha
A The Cuckoo’s Call* – Abhinandan
A Dance Till You Fall in Love – Vidhan
A Dancing in Your Garden – Miten
A Dancing in Your Light – Gyanamo
0 Dancing Lightly (O) – Anubhava
A Deep in Love
* # – Maniko
A Deeper – Miten
A Depth of My Being* – Suresha
T Don’t Let a Chance Like This Go By*** – Anubhava
0 Don't Push the River (O) – Anubhava
A Draw Near, Draw Near** – Anubhava
A Drinking From Your Wine (O) – Anubhava
    Drop the Baggage – Miten
0 Drunk with the Divine – Abodha / Bharti
0 The Edge of the Far Spreading Wing (O) – Anubhava
0 The Emptiness of You – Gaurav
    Empty Sky – Madhuro

    E Na Mu Laya – Miten
A Endless Night – MIlarepa
0 The Endless Sky Of Your Eyes (O) – Anubhava
0 Even If You Have Broken Your Vows (O) – Anubhava
A Every Moment
A Every Time I Look in Your Eyes (nc) – Ranch
A Falling Leaves* – Miten
A Fire from Your Eyes* – Abhinandan
A Flower of a Man** – Anubhava
A Flowers* – Suresha #
Flowers Will Shower – Maneesha / Milarepa

A Fly High – Anubhava
A Free Birds (nc) – Maniko
A From the Fire of Stars – Abhinandan
A From the Smallest Grassleaf* – Bindu
A Gently Bowing Down – Subodha

A Get Out, Get Out (O) – Anubhava?
A God is Absolutely Wild (nc) – Ranch
A Happy To Fly With You (O) – Anubhava
0 Have You Let His Smile (O) – Anubhava
A Heartbeat* – Miten
The Heartbeat of Eternity* – Sudhananda
The Heart Like the Sun – Miten
T Here in My Heart – Milarepa
0 Here Is a Garden (O) – Anubhava
0 He's Flown Beyond the Sunset (O) – Anubhava
A He's the Sun* (O) – Anubhava
A High Time to Dance* – Anubhava
Home is Where the Heart is – Narayani
A How Beautiful This Mystery* – Abhinandan
0 How Does It Feel? (O) – Anubhava
I am Touched – Neera
A I Can Feel Your Heartbeat* – Miten
A I Can Hear You* – Milarepa
    I Can Hear Your Music – Miten
0 I Dance My Way To Freedom (O) – Anubhava
I Feel So Lucky – Abodha / Bharti
A I Feel You Take me to the Depth* – Suresha
A If You Don't Fight With Life (O) – Anubhava
A I Just Close My Eyes* – Madhuro
A I Keep On Loving You – Madhuro & S Arjun
A I Let it All Go** – Pune 1
A I Love You (nc) – Ranch
A I’m Here to Wake Up – Anubhava
A In a Wonderful Way (nc) – Ranch
A Infinite Sun – Pune 1 sufi dance
A In Love* – Suresha
A In the Darkest Night # – Dipamo
0 In the Grace of Your Presence (O) – Anubhava
A Into Your Hands – Anubhava
In Wonder – Miten
A In Your Garden* – Suresha #
0 In Your Love – C Arjun and Rahasya
A I Say Yeah to the High and Low (O) – Anubhava
A It Is Here (nc) – Ranch
A I Wake Up to Your Love* – Samir
A Joy in My Life – Ravi
Just Say Yes – Sudhananda
A Let My Love Grow (O) – Anubhava
0 Let's Rejoice and Sing (O) – Anubhava
A Let the Wind Blow (nc) – Ranch
0 Life is a Play # – Maniko
A Light Upon Light (O) – Anubhava
A Like a Hollow Bamboo (O) – Anubhava
A Like Falling Leaves* – Miten
A Like the Wind Through the Trees
– Gulabo
T Listen Listen – Miten
0 Listen to the Man of Love – Abodha / Bharti
Listen to the Wind* – Sudhananda
    (Living in the) Inescapable – Miten
A Looking Inside* – Samir
A Lord of the Full Moon (nc) – Premgeet
A Love is the Fire* – Miten
A Love, Life, Laughter – Anubhava
A Love’s Returning*** – Anubhava
A Love of the Master* Bharti
A Madman (nc) – Suresha
A Magic (nc) – Samir
0 Man of the Truth #   Maniko
A Master of Masters # – Maniko
A The Master’s Garden – Milarepa
T May the Love We Share*** – Anubhava
A The Miracle of You – Lino
A My Heart Is Opening (nc) – Samir
A My Heart's Full of You* – Maniko
A The Mystery – Miten
Namaste – Abodha
A Never Born, Never Died – Miten
A No Words to Say – Pune 2?
0 Nothing Ever Happens – Pune 1 sufi dance
A Nothing is Said – Bindu / Pratibha
A Ocean of Joy # – Subodha
A Oh My Lord You Are a Fire* (O) – Anubhava
A Om Shanti – Subhan
One Breath – Abhinandan

A One Love – Pune 3

A Only in Silence (O) – Anubhava
A Only One Sky # – Anubhava
Osho Celebration – Pune 3
A Osho We Your People – Milarepa
0 Osho, Your Love is Showering Again # (nc) 
A Our Birth Is But a Sleep (O) – Anubhava
0 Out Of the Head (O) – Anubhava
A Persuade the Buddha – Maniko
    Rhythm of the Heart – Miten
0 Riding the Waves # (nc) 
    River of Life – Milarepa
    Roll on River – Milarepa
A Sammasati – Maniko
0 Seasons Round and Round # (nc) 
0 See a World In a Grain Of Sand (O) – Anubhava
0 Should You Wish To Know (O) – Anubhava
0 Silence Sings # – Anubhava
0 Silent Breeze – C Arjun and Rahasya
A Silently Watching*
A Singing River – Miten

A Sitting Silently Doing Nothing (O) – Anubhava
A Soul Train (nc) – Ranch
A The Sound of Water* – Madhuro
A Standing in Your Grace – Ranch
A Standing Naked – Maniko
Strong My Roots – Abhinandan
A The Sun Behind the Sun* (O) – Anubhava
A Sweet Bhagwan (nc) – Samir
T Talking to My Inner Lover*** – Anubhava
A Thank You Bhagwan (nc) – Ranch
0 Thank You For Giving Me All That I Need (O) – Anubhava
A There Is So Much Magnificence** – Anubhava
0 This is It # – Bindu
A This Moment – Maniko
A This Moment is Everything* – Abhinandan
A This Precious Moment – Samir
0 This Too Will Pass (O) – Anubhava
0 This Very Place the Lotus Paradise (O) – Anubhava
The Time Is Right* – Narayani
    Totally Wild, Absolutely Free – Miten
A Touch of Your Blessings (nc) – Maniko
A Towards the One* (O) – Anubhava
A Trees Bow Down* – Dipamo
A The Universe is Singing* – Anubhava
Up in the Blue Sky # – Madhuro
A Voice in the Wilderness – Abodha / Bharti
Waiting For The Master – Abodha / Bharti
A Wake Up This Moment*** – Anubhava
A Wake Up Wake Up*** – Anubhava
A Walk into the Holy Fire – Anubhava
Watching Your Vision Unfolding – Miten
0 Waves of Love Wash Over Me (O) – Anubhava
A The Way of the Heart – Ruparahi
A The Way of the White Cloud** – Anubhava
0 We All Set Off #
A We Are Buddha Nature* – Bindu
A We Are Flowers* – Suresha #
A We Celebrate You (nc) – Ranch
A We Celebrate You, Osho #
A Welcome Home – Maniko
A We Make Love Go All the Way (O) – Anubhava
A We Melt into Your Love – Sambodhi Prem
A We Sing You (nc) – Ranch
0 When a Flower Blooms (O) – Anubhava
A When I Look into the Night – Almasto
0 When the Stars Fall Down (O) – Anubhava
A Where Earth and Sky Are One* – Milarepa
T Where the Eagles Fly* – Dipamo
A Wherever I Go (nc) – Anubhava
A Whisper in a Hurricane – Miten
A White Swan – Miten
A Winds of the East* – Dipamo
A Wings of Love #
– Sanjiva
A With a Fire in Our Hearts – Milarepa
A With Love in Our Heart (nc) – Ranch
T With You Osho – Miten
A Ya Azim – trad, Pune 1 sufi dance
A Yes Osho Yes – Maniko
You Are a Cloud Full of Rain – Madhuro
A You Are My Friend – Suresha
0 You Are the Mountain (O) – Anubhava
A You Are the Treasure (O) – Anubhava
A You Ought To've Been There (O) – Anubhava
A You Put a Song in my Life – Abhinandan
A Your Blessings – Maniko
Your Dream is Alive Now – Milarepa
A You're My All and Everything*** – Anubhava
A Your Love is an Invitation – Milarepa
0 Your Love Is Breaking My Heart (O) – Anubhava
A Your Love Is Dancing* #
T Your Love Osho* – Dipamo
A Your Lovers Are Here Tonight – Ranch
A Your Silence Osho #
– Sanjiva
You Touch(ed) Me Deep Inside* – Narayani