– Second Annual World Celebration –
July 6, 1983

(which completed the transition from the Indian traditional Full Moon celebration Guru Purnima,
which happened to fall on July 6 in 1982, to an annual celebration on July 6 called Master's Day.
One suspects that this was chosen for its proximity to July 4, the annual Big Deal Day in the US,
for whatever psychological and/or practical reasons might have pertained.)

Conventions for melody notation are as follows:
Basically, the letters a to g have been used for the notes, one for each syllable of the words, separated by spaces. Sharps and flats (# and b) have been kept to a minimum by transposing the songs to simple keys, so notes are relative, not absolute. When they are for songs i have done chords for, they will be aligned with those chords. In addition:

1. Where more than one note is to be sung with a given syllable, its notes will be run together without spaces.
2. To eliminate ambiguity regarding octaves, a + or - is used to indicate jumps of six or more semitones. The absence of these indications will mean the nearest note up or down (five or fewer semitones) will be the one.
3. Previously a system had been described in an attempt to reckon with timing and length of notes. As this came to be seen as unwieldy and difficult, it has been dropped in favour of this simpler presentation. FWIW, timing flows fairly naturally in most songs, making precise indications mostly unnecessary.

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Song order is as on the printed programme.
Full audio available in the
Osho Music Archive, alt-titles as noted.

Magic (by Samir, no chords yet)

There's magic in your being
There's magic in the air
I feel you in the mountains
Hear you in the laughter
I find your love everywhere.

Lord of the Full Moon (by Premgeet)

Lord of the full moon

Light the way
For the flight unknown

In Love ~~ chords ~~ (alt-title: Depth of My Being, by Suresha) (nb words different from chords version)

Bhagwan, I feel you take me
~~ a +a a a a a g
To the depth of my being. ~~ g g f# e d f# e
Bhagwan, I feel you take me ~~ -a +a a a a a g
To the depth of my heart. ~~ g g f# d e d

La Illah Illah ~~ +b g b c# d
In love ~~ b a
La Illah Illah ~~ g e g b a
In love ~~ g a
In Your Garden ~~ chords ~~ (alt-title: We Are Flowers in Your Garden, also just Flowers, which is how it appears in Dec 83; by Suresha)

We are flowers in your garden ~~ b c d b b c d b
Opening, opening ~~ e d b c d e
We're your lovers and your friends ~~ b c d b b c d b
Traveling home, home ~~ e d b ba ba
In your love, your light ~~ +e f# g g f#
Your joy, delight ~~ f# e e d
Oh yes, oh yes ~~ b a b a
Bhagwan ~~ b ed
Touch of Your Blessings (alt-title: Hear the Sound of Our Love; by Maniko, no chords yet)

Hear the sound of our love
~~ c c fe c d e
Filling the air ~~ g f e c
And the touch of your blessings ~~ c c f e c f e
Spreading everywhere ~~ f e fe c d
Looking Inside ~~ chords ~~ by Samir

Looking inside ~~ d d d d

Looking inside ~~ e e e e
I wake up to you ~~ f# g f# e d

I wake up to your love ~~ e g f# e d e
{repeat all above}

Disappearing into you ~~ g g f# d b d e

Your Lovers Are Here Tonight (song also appears in Dec 83)

Your lovers are here tonight ~~ e e d e f f f
To celebrate and delight ~~ d d c d e e e
Oh Bhagwan ~~ d c +a
We're so in love with you ~~ a g g e d c

Bhagwan, we love you ~~ f g g a g
Bhagwan, we love your lovin' ~~ f g g a g e d

Thank you Bhagwan (alt-title: Thank You For Being Here. I had written previously: "in the event, not on the tape for that night." It has now been found by Sugit, hidden in the previous track, now separated out and given its own track. Thank You for Being Here indeed.)

Thank you for being here

Thank you for being

Thank you for being here

Thank you for being

I sit at the feet of my Master
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
We're blessed to shine in your light
{repeat chorus}
Yes, Bhagwan, Yes  ~~ chords ~~ (by Maniko and/or Anubhava)

Yes, Bhagwan, yes ~~ a f# g a
We dance at Your feet ~~ a a g a b
Yes, Bhagwan, yes ~~ b g a b
This great mystery ~~ b b a b c#
Yes, Bhagwan, yes ~~ c# a b c#
We celebrate everything ~~ c# c# b c# d a a

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