– I Keep On Loving You –
by Madhuro & Shantam Arjun, Pune 3,
full audio available at Osho Music Archive, track 01

                Dmj7    E                         F#m

Step after step,    merging into this moment

                  Dmj7     E                   F#m

Closer and closer,    deeper and deeper

    Dmj7    E                        F#m

Beloved,    I’m feeling your presence

                  Dmj7     E                  F#m        Bm

Closer and closer,   deeper and deeper

           A                      E                     Dmj7           Bm

And I keep on loving you, cause you light the fire

           A                      E                                           Bm

And I keep on loving you       ( Oh,   I )

    [ 2nd time drop intro “And” and "Oh, I" and last Bm ]

                         F#m       A                                E         Bm

You come as a whisper,    you speak without words

               F#m         A                            E         Bm

But I can hear you,    louder than any noise 

                  F#m     A                     E         Bm

Closer and closer,   deeper and deeper

        F#m      A                            E    E  A  Bm

Your silence    is overwhelming me

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