– Listen to the Man of Love –
by Abodha and Bharti, Pune 3,
a simple audio "teaching track" is available at
Osho Music Archive, track 08, to learn song

   A        E    B                   E


  Hey – Oh, Listen to the man

   A        E    B                   E        F#m   A

  Hey – Oh, Listen to the man of love

    E              A         E        A

  Lightning strikes into my heart

    E          A      E         A

  Feeling like a loving spark

F#m                      A                    B    A

  Everything just seems to fall away

    E         A         E          A

  Take it     and turn it around

    E             A        E                A

  Only one place love can be found

F#m                         A                B    A

  You must take a chance with love

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