– I Feel So Lucky –
by Abodha and Bharti, Pune 3,
audio sample available at Osho Music Archive,
track 05, is sufficient to learn song,

Cmj7                                Fmj7

  Early morning sunrise, sound of the sea

Cmj7                                  Fmj7

  Call of the early morning birds

Cmj7                 Fmj7

  Wind rustling through the trees

Dm                             Am

  Everywhere I go reminds me of you,

                      Dm          Am     C             G

  That there’s so much more, so much more

                C    G      C     G      C                F            G

  I feel so lucky,  so lucky,  so lucky to be loved by you

     G                                                       F    G   F

  Showering flowers, your fragrance of love

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