– How Beautiful This Mystery  –
aka Fire from Your Eyes
written and
by Abhinandan
recorded by Milarepa, Pune 3,

full audio available at Osho Music Archive
(NB full audio version has altered melody, but 60-sec
samples from other CDs are sufficient to learn song)

G                        D                  Em

Now I see how beautiful this mystery

C                           D                        C      D

When I feel your silence and your grace

G                        D             Em

Now I see how beautiful a man can be

    C                   D

I look into your face

            C                        D                           G  C  G  D/F#

And I touch the empty space between the stars

Em                    D       C                         G     D

Fire from your eyes sparks through my being 

Em                    D      C

Fire from your eyes burn away the night

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* Abhinandan is now known as Abhi Ktori
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