There Is So Much Magnificence
from the Orange Songbook,
by Anubhava*

(Sarlo's words and chords for this song are here,
and they're different! And see Notes below.)

sheet music for There Is So Much Magnificence
  Extra: In addition to the background image on this page, there are words
in verse form, more or less the words from Kabir that Osho
comments on in The Revolution, discourse #9.
They are as follows:

The darkness of the night is coming along fast
The shadows of love close in the body and in the mind.

Open the window to the west
and disappear into the air inside you.

Near your breastbone there is one open flower.
Drink the honey that is all around that flower.

There is so much magnificence near the ocean.
Waves are coming in.

Kabir says: Friend, listen.
This is what I have to say to you:
The guest I love is inside me.

Listen: sound of immense seashells,
sound of bells.

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*Anubhava is now known as Peter Makena
Other songs by him:       his site