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Actually the original book was called "Drinking from Your Wine, Bhagwan," but "Orange Songbook" has a nice ring to it, so we'll stick with that. Below is a list of the pages from that book, with links to images of the sheet music. All the songs are done now but some tinkering remains -- doesn't it always? -- in some places, such as to add another staff for a new vocal part. Pages where a new part has been added will be indicated by a red superscript double dagger (‡). Stay tuned!

Most of the pages have other (background) images as well, so where applicable, those images will also be linked to. I have reduced the resolution in the sheet music images to save bandwidth and web storage space but left the whole-page images in their higher res for full glory. They were originally in colour but Para had only B/W photocopied pages to work from, not the originals, so there is unavoidable loss of both colour and image quality. Enjoy anyway!

indicates songs previously done by me, with pages interlinked for easy comparison. Note that the "titles" given below are not titles so much as just first lines, there being no actual titles in the songbook itself. Nor for that matter were there an index page or even page numbers, so the listing below is Para's compilation. As far as i know, almost all of the songs were written by Anubhava. Because of the lack of "real" titles, the songs not previously done by me were not listed in the main index but as of Feb 2013, they are there, new titles having been created usually from an abridgement of the first line. They will continue to be listed here as before, to maximize the chances of finding that special long-lost song.

And a note about octaves. On occasion, Anubhava, whose production this book originally was, would not write the men's parts using a bass clef but instead used a treble clef with an "8" drawn in at the beginning to indicate the part should be sung an octave lower. The songs where this applies are indicated below with a superscript red 8.

And of course now you can listen to many of these songs over on Osho Music Archive, but sheet music, words and chords might still be helpful, especially for the quite a few not yet available in audio form, so here they are. Enjoy!

  1.  Draw near, draw near **8‡
  2.  We are moving the way of the white clouds
  3.  Even if you have broken your vows
  4.  May the love we share here **
         I say yeah to the high and to the low
  5.  Thank You for giving me all that I need
  6.  See a world in a grain of sand
  7.  When a flower blooms

         Out of the head
  8.  Get out, get out
         He's the sun
  9.  Have you let His smile
10.  Colours of creation spinning round the wheel
11.  I'm drinking from Your Wine Bhagwan
12.  If you don't fight with life
         How does it feel to lose all?
13.  Like a hollow.....bamboo
14.  You're my all and everything
15.  So I dance my way to freedom
16.  When the stars fall down
         Let my love grow, let my soul grow high
17.  In the endless sky of Your eyes
18.  You are the mountain8
19.  Oh you ought to've been there
         So let's rejoice and sing now
20.  Dancing lightly on the edge of the time

21.  Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting
22.  So we make love go ( / grow)
         Should you wish to know
23.  Close your eyes now, rest inside
24.  He's a flower of a man **
25.  Here is a garden where the souls grow high
26.  Oh no don't push the river
27.  Sitting silently doing nothing
         This too will pass
28.  Only in silence the word
29.  Oh happy to fly with You, Master
30.  Oh You brought me back into the ring
         Wake up, wake up, run to His feet **
31.  There is so much magnificence **
32.  I let the waves of love wash over me
33.  I touch by the edge of the far spreading wing
          Your love is really breaking my heart
34.  This very place the lotus paradise
35.  Light upon light upon light
36.  So I let it all go and I'm living **
          He's flown beyond the sunset
37.  Oh my Lord You are a fire
38.  Walk into the holy fire **
39.  You are the treasure of my body
40.  Talking to my inner lover **
41.  Oh Bhagwan in the grace of Your presence

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