– Sammasati –
by Maniko, Pune 3,
full audio available at Osho Music Archive

[ Numbers refer to verse order,

* = substitutions as noted]

Gm              A                      Bb                        C               Dm

   Moving along the golden path with you has given me a taste 

                     C                 Dm     C                         Gm

   Of (your) eternity, your song,  { and joy of being.


Gm       A                     Bb              C                     Dm

  8* [ see below ]

   I am standing here alone and in love I reach out to you

               C                Dm             C       Dm

   Like a leaf into the wind. . . . . . . . I begin. }

Bb          C                 Am7      Dm

   This exactly is the space to celebrate yourself

Bb              C                            Dm

   Here is where your love can grow.


Bb        C                     Am7              Dm

  5* [ see below ]

 { Stay present in each moment and all will be well and }

Bb                    C                                Dm

   I am coming with you wherever you go.

Gm                        F                   Am7                  Dm

   I see you in the sunrise, in the light across the sky and

Gm                          F                  Am7      Dm


   I hear you in the whispering of pines, oooooh, and

  6,    [ Break 

Gm                        F                     Am7                Dm

  7    between 6 & 7 

   I love you in the falling of these tears from my eyes

      uses chords 

Gm                         F           (Dm  C2  Bb2) [X3]   D2

      of 2/5]

   I wait with you in silence.

Gm           A                      Bb              C                   Dm

   All my questioning has gone in the ashes of your body

           C                             Dm               C                          Gm

   My clinging is burned to none, you've left nothing undone   4

Gm              A                      Bb                             C                  Dm

   Now the breathing of the buddha has entered deep into my heart

              C                  Dm        C                Dm

   In the pulsing of my veins,    pure witnessing.

Bb             C                      Am7     Dm

   There is no need to be afraid,     all is well and   [ 5* sub for {...} ]

C                    Dm    C    Dm

[ 8* sub for {...}, trailing at end ]


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