– You Put a Song in my Life –
by Abhinandan*, Pune 3,
full audio available at Osho Music Archive, CD 2, track 07

      A                 E            D

Spreading like sunshine over my face

A                  E           D                E

Osho your blessings fill me with grace

A                E                    D

I feel your love, from my head to my toes

         A         E                D                  E

Whenever I see you, it grows and it grows

A                E          D

You put a song, a song in my life

A                E               D

You put a song in my life

    A E D    A              E               D

Osho       You put a song in my life
[Coda, repeat as needed]

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* Abhinandan is now known as Abhi Ktori
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