–Standing in Your Grace –
author unknown, Ranch
[Being in two voices: a doing, active, “male” voice
and a feeling, receptive, “female” voice, sequentially]
full audio available at Osho Music Archive, track 19

 C                          A                      D

1] Walking in the garden of your presence

 C                     A                          D

2] Your heart warms me like the sun

 C                          A                   D

1] Dancing to the music of your silence

 C                          A                     D      D#    E

2] Feeling like my life has just begun

    [ Both together in chorus ]

  E                         A

Standing in your grace, Osho,

           E                           A

[ Many 

Your grace, Osho, your grace, Osho,


  E                                       B

at end,

Shining in the light of your eyes




Shining in the light of your eyes

key to F ]
    [ D bridge back to verse ]

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