– White Swan –
by Miten, Pune 3,
full audio available at Osho Music Archive, CD 1, track 10

G                 D            C        D

   This is no ordinary love affair

G                  D                         C           D

   I love somebody and there’s no one there

G             D                C         D

   White swan and an empty chair

                  Em            C               D

   It always was, and it always will be

               G     D              G     D             G    D

   White cloud,     White swan,     White light

                  C                D                G

   From beyond the beyond (the beyond)

  [ last "the beyond" and G on 2nd time only ]

G             D                   C          D

   I lay my life into your healing hands

G                     D                 C         D

   Offer up my love, making no demands

G                D                       C        D

   Trust in something I don’t understand

                  Em               C         D

   I’m letting go, and I’m sailing free


   How do you thank the ocean?

   How do you thank the wind?

                                        D  C  G

   How do I thank you, Osho?

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