– This Very Place –
from the Orange Songbook
by Anubhava*

Like a couple of other songs, this page has very little sheet music with words but has additional words on the page in text/verse form. I reproduce them here. They are close adaptations of words from Hakuin's Song of Meditation, commented on by Osho in This Very Body the Buddha, and begun famously on his birthday in 1977 with the words, "My beloved ones, I love you." The words on the Song page are:

All beings are from the very beginning Buddhas.
Not knowing it is near, we seek it afar.
What a pity!
Dark path upon dark path treading.
The pureland paradise is not far.
The gate opens, straight runs the way.

Singing and dancing,
All is the way of truth.

What remains to be sought?
Nirvana is clear before us.

This very place the lotus paradise,
This very body the Buddha.

This Very Place Sheet Music

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*Anubhava is now known as Peter Makena
Other songs by him:       his site