– You Touch(ed) Me Deep Inside –
aka The Time Is Right,
by Narayani,
audio samples available at Osho Music Archive
are sufficient to learn song (three tracks, virtually identical)

         D                  Em     F#m    G

You touch(ed) me deep inside

      D         Em     F#m    G

Today the time is right

      D                    D/C#     Em7   A

To let your silence in,     Osho

                           A4     A

I’m opening my heart

                             A4    A

Today the time is right

                              A7      D   D/C#  Em7  A

To let your love inside, Osho

Gmj7                        A           A4  A

Now, I belong to the universe

Gmj7                        A        A4  A

Now I belong to the sky

Gmj7   Em

Now I stop....Wondering why

      G        A              D   D/C#  Em7  A

Oh yes, Osho, I am yours

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