– You Are the Treasure –
from the Orange Songbook,
by Anubhava*
full audio available at
Osho Music Archive (two versions)

You Are the Treasure

= A few peculiarities popped up while listening to the audios:
1. Both E chords, in the tradition of the Bb Syndrome,
should really be Eb.
2. The arrangement at the beginning flirts with minorness
but what is played and sung really fits plain D (major) better
than Dm. Try that, you may prefer it.
3. The phrase "You are to me my lord" is sung three times,
not just twice. Chords remain consistent, ie Eb and F.
4. About 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through, both audios veer off
into another entirely different arrangement, not just a key shift
but new rhythm, melody and chording, ie a whole new song.
That can be a project for another day.

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*Anubhava is now known as Peter Makena
Other songs by him:       his site