Welcoming Letter for Issue #1

[Doubtless, if you have arrived here, you need no introduction. This welcoming letter is included for historical interest. We did manage to carry on, in the process learning a few things. One of the most important has been to keep it a "joyful experiment," by committing to a policy of non-commitment: no subscriptions & no publication schedule. Such deadline pressures and tensions as we have – necessary perhaps to do anything at all – are those accepted for the short-term so that we can have a juicy launch date. Credits below]

Glimpses, Snapshots and Mirrors

es! It's play time. Pulse is here.

This magazine is a joyful experiment written and produced by a bunch of good friends, certainly non-professionals in this domain, whose paths have met because of one man. And if you are in any way involved in our community, you have heard about the fellow in question: OSHO.

To those who know little about him – and don't we all? – this publication offers a glance of the man and his unique vision of humanity. First, with excerpts from two discourses – one on silence and the other on awareness and then with a short biography reflecting on the milestones of his highly unusual life. Yet in all fairness and as it has been my experience, OSHO needs to be introduced as a man of no-words: "Those who cling to my words will miss me. My purpose is to start a silence, a music, a fragrance growing in you."

For our sannyasin community, I see Pulse as a voice for us to express, a mirror of who we have grown to be and a snapshot in time to contemplate what we are creating. Fifteen people are offering you personal accounts of how OSHO and his vision have merged with their unique paths. And these are many – music, business, dance, play, healing arts, as well as the inexplicable inner journey.

On countless occasions I have deeply appreciated, valued and respected our community. Yet, I have often taken for granted, under the business as usual syndrome, what we have created together; either with high energy projects, or as beautifully, by just being. I can't help but savour all this juicy aliveness, the honesty and the abundant wisdom, or even the off-the-wall craziness. I hope that Pulse captures the essence of life's showering down on us.

So go ahead, jump right in. Pulse is here for you to enjoy.


An Invitation...

I would like thank everybody who has contributed to this project, including our advertisers. Without your support this idea would have remained just that – an idea. It was a fabulous learning experience both on a technical and personal level and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. At this point there are no other editions of Pulse planned. But it would be great if other folks would jump in and make Pulse a regular publication. This is an invitation for anybody who feels the impulse to join the existing team.


Publishing Team:
Abhi: project co-ordinator, page design, scanning, printing, editing
Amiyo: interviews, photography, typing, research, editing
Sarlo: research, proof-reading, production, editing
Paresh: research, editing
Tracy: advertising

e-mail: sarlo@globalserve.net (pulse)

Osho Pulse gratefully acknowledges the
use of materials originally published by Osho
Commune International in Pune.
We would also like to thank all our friends in
the community and at home who helped out
in supportive ways too numerous to mention.

Advertisers in Osho Pulse #1, who floated the hard copy original, and made this possible:

Almasta (bodywork) Gaia Garden (herbal dispensary – Chanchal)
Gyanesha (intuitive bodywork) Gyano (reiki) The House Boutique (April)
Images Unlimited (Sonam) Just Dance Just Dance World Rhythms
Karen (colonics) Manjula (massage) Neeraj (counseling)
Osho Samaroha MC Premyoga (counseling) Tracy (bodywork)
Wendy & Kushad (groups and sessions) Yogesha (mediation)
Zanzara (bodywork & women's circles )

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