to the first incarnation of Osho Pulse Online,
actually the webified third edition of our “Paperzine,” dated Sept '97


(the magazine of the Vancouver sannyas community and beyond, info below)

From the editors of the hard copy original:

ere it comes again, riding on a summer breeze – the new OSHO PULSE, that is.

It is no small miracle that the notoriously laid-back Vancouver sannyas community is publishing this magazine for the third time. For it is truly the work-play of the community: friends sharing their stories and gossip, their experiences and insights, friends contributing by placing ads and thus making this endeavour financially possible, all of them giving their time and energy... All this flows together, not quite effortlessly, but playfully, into the final – often hectic and pressurized – hours of production. Et voilà – there it is: a true heart-child of our community.

Somebody from the community mentioned and appreciated that each article in OSHO PULSE speaks with a distinct voice; each article being personal, individual and thus special. That’s how it should be. And we often struggle to preserve the author’s original voice in the necessary process of editing.

There is no obligation, no compulsion to say certain things in a certain way; there is freedom to express oneself, to express one’s individual experiences without the fetters and bounds of a belief system – no “thou shalt think like this” or “thou shalt not say it like that.”

It is the uniqueness of the individual that we want to give a voice in OSHO PULSE. That also implies that there be no judgement as to the “right or wrong.” I cannot see what’s going on in your mind-soul-psyche, thus I have to trust that you speak your truth.

So, every article, every author speaks his or her own individual truth. And yet, every author speaks as a seeker, as a sannyasin, speaks from the knowledge that what I am seeking can only be found within myself. And thus, in the depths of their individual truths one taste is found: call it the centre of the cyclone, call it silence, call it meditation, call it Osho.

Words by themselves don’t matter that much. What matters is where they point to. You will find a wide variety of expressions over the following pages... but then there comes the “point of ZEN,” the point of sudden wonderment, of sudden stillness.

It amazes me how alike our deepest experiences are, when – at the periphery – we are so different. It seems Osho’s words and His silence have taken root after all – in every single one of us. This makes me happy.

Without plan or design OSHO PULSE seems to create a “circle of energy” that draws people towards it; they want to participate, they want to share. Old friends are coming “out of the woodwork” and new friends are making contact. And each new member makes the energy flow stronger in this circle.

We want to invite, to encourage you to join this dance of energy called OSHO PULSE: join in as writers, as advertisers and – for sure – as readers. You are welcome.

– Vishram


the magazine of the Vancouver sannyas community
“published every now and then”

Vol 0, #3, Sept 1997
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Publishing Team:

Gyanesha: advertising, editing
Amiyo: interviews, advertising, typing, editing
Vishram: production, editing
Sarlo: layout, production, editing, web production
i: cover, design & computer support

e-mail: sarlo@globalserve.net (pulse)


Osho Pulse gratefully acknowledges the use of materials originally published
by Osho Commune International in Pune. We would also like to thank all our friends in
the community and at home who helped out in supportive ways too numerous to mention.

Also thanks to all the advertisers, listed below, for their support which made it possible:

Akash (therapeutic touch) Basketcase Productions (Sarlo) Darpano
Eileen (global opportunity) Enlightenment Electrical (Samarpan)
Gaia Garden (herbal apothecary – Chanchal) Galiano Retreat Gaurav
Gyano (reiki) Healing Room (Monika) The House Boutique (April)
Images Unlimited (Sonam) Just Dance Just Dance World Rhythms
Kia ora B&B (Shahido) Kushad & Wendy (groups and sessions)
Local Organika (food delivery) Lemaire Construction (Almast) Mada (sessions)
Magic Hands (Vimal) Momentary Lapse (Dakshina) Navino (Shiatsu)
Neeraj (counseling) Odin's Eye Hair Care Osho Energy School (Ramakanta)
Osho Construction (Vishram) Osho Samaroha MC Publications Osho
Shunya (iridology) Usha (cranio)

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