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From the editors of the hard copy original:

his time around, we abandon our usual gentle come-hither and invite you to taste some stronger stuff: actual opinion and even – gasp! – exhortation. Be warned!

Sannyas has always contained a dynamic tension between individual and community. Perhaps more than any other master in history, Osho has stressed the importance of the individual, often at the expense of his own commune. We sannyasins have taken this message to heart, reveling or wallowing – depending on your point of view – in a degree of freedom that few traditions allow or can even conceive. At the extreme this has meant a total lack of interest in community except inasmuch as the community supports MY trip, but since such narcissism at times and to some degree resides in us all, this freedom is, most of the time, a remarkable tool in our voyage of self-discovery.

Still, sangham sharanam gachchami, or, I go to the feet of the commune of the enlightened one, is not merely a device for helping us to explore our tendency to abjectly surrender our autonomy. The commune does have value; we have only to ensure that it does not cost more than it pays off.

At the ranch we learned what happens when we surrender to the commune without using our intelligence and inner sense of truth. “Surrender” without insight or self-examination leads straight to fascism – as many of us painfully discovered firsthand. OK, so we learned to look twice at the leaders of our communes and the structures they set up in Osho’s name.

Now we need to look at ourselves with the same kind of scrutiny.

Osho has been out of the body for almost ten years now and it’s up to us to keep his vision alive. Nobody else is going to do it. We have to. So before we start to tear down Osho’s commune in the name of preserving his vision, let’s have a good look at what we are up to.

Ma Yoga Neelam’s resignation from the Inner Circle in February has been the occasion for a great deal of unconscious, that is, unexamined, discontent to rise to the surface. We at Osho Pulse debated whether to give it a lot of space but in the end decided to abide by what we understand to be Osho’s guidance not to publish negative stories. One of our friends joked that all the vituperative e-mail was starting to sound like two fishwives screaming at each other over the back garden fence. Sexist, but true; and it’s worth looking at.

There is a tendency in all of us to criticize, which needs to be examined. Such examination does not demand repression, in either the political or psychological sense; it is simply recognizing that making self-expression the highest value, subsuming all others, is an extreme position and can have great costs. And in fact criticism, especially when unaccompanied by some form of supportive energy, should always be suspect, a possible marker of unprocessed crap rather than a worthy contribution in its own right.

As we go to press, Neelam has issued a statement that “I condemn all these attacks on Osho’s work, his commune, and the Inner Circle.” Since it was in her name that the unidentified so-called Osho Rebels issued their call to meditative arms, perhaps it is time to scrutinize the rebels as carefully as everyone is scrutinizing the commune.

Another former member of the Inner Circle, Osho’s last International Secretary Ma Prem Hasya, has written: “All I hear in this whole drama are minds: the minds of the sannyasins, the minds of the media, the minds of the politicians: minds, minds, minds.” She asks: Have we forgotten Osho’s message to watch the mind?

It’s a good question. Obviously, we have to examine and question the leaders of our sannyas movement. The ranch taught us that: you don’t find out that your leaders have been putting salmonella in salad bars in nearby communities without learning a healthy skepticism towards those running the show. But we need to be just as skeptical about ourselves, so that we don’t poison our master’s commune with our jealousies and negativity. Just because Sheela’s moms endlessly accused us of negativity doesn’t mean that negativity can’t destroy a commune.

A theme has developed in this issue of Osho Pulse, one which we had neither planned nor sought until it started happening on its own. “Keeping Osho 24-karat Gold” is not about adhering to some ideal or ideology either of tradition or constant revolution. It is not about obedience. It is an exploration by a number of writers of the different ways in which their connection with the master continues to unfold, alive and well. How the master’s truth and the seeker’s truth remain in harmony.

With the electronic wildfire that recently spread over Neelam’s resignation, we feel these articles are quite timely.

Perhaps it’s time for each one of us to ask how we can keep Osho 24-karat gold.


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