Osho Discourse Series Titles before 1978

This page is part of the historical background relating to "What Is an Osho?", a slick, sannyas-paradigm-shifting policy paper written by Amrito and circulated in 1998. A deconstruction of Amrito's paper is presented on this site, introduced here. A large subset of the background addresses various aspects of OIF's claimed right to control Osho's legacy, particularly regarding the legal muscle of copyright and trademark. This page lists all of Osho's English discourse series given prior to the signing of an alleged 1978 document concerning publishing rights.It is sourced from Osho Friends International. For more legal pages, see OFI or Legal Main Page.

Osho English Discourse Series Spoken Before the Alleged 1978 Document Was Signed

[FWIW. OFI has posted this page in its copyright section without much comment, presumably to indicate the far outer worst-case limits of OIF's copyright rights. In that worst case, OIF presumably might be deemed to own either copyrights or publishing rights for all of these books, but no more than that. All in all there is the source material for 80 books in this group, counting Vigyan Bhairav Tantra as five volumes, not two, since that was the original form in which it was published. The titles are:]

Early Dialogues (pre-1971)
I Am the Gate (1971)
The Psychology of the Esoteric (1972)
That Thou Art (1972)
The Ultimate Alchemy (vols. 1–2) (1972)
Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (vols. 1–2) (1973)
The New Alchemy: To Turn You On (1973)
The Supreme Doctrine (1973)
Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega (vols. 1–10) (1973–76)
Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi (1974)
My Way: The Way of the White Clouds (1974)
A Bird on the Wing (1974)
The Empty Boat (1974)
No Water No Moon (1974)
Seeds of Revolution: My Most Loved Gospel on Jesus (1974)
When the Shoe Fits (1974)
And the Flowers Showered (1974)
Returning to the Source (1974)
The Hidden Harmony (1974)
Tantra: The Supreme Understanding (1975)
The Grass Grows by Itself (1975)
Until You Die (1975)
Just Like That (1975)
Tao: The Three Treasures (vols. 1–4) (1975)
The True Sage (1975)
Come Follow Yourself (vols. 1–4) (1975)
Nirvana the Last Nightmare (1976)
Ancient Music in the Pines (1976)
The Search (1976)
Dang Dang Doko Dang (1976)
A Sudden Clash of Thunder (1976)
The Discipline of Transcendence (vols. 1–4) (1976)
The Art of Dying (1976)
Ecstasy – The Forgotten Language (1976)
The Path of Love (1976)
The Divine Melody (1977)
Tao: The Pathless Path (vols. 1–2) (1977)
The First Principle (1977)
The Tantra Vision (vols. 1–2) (1977)
Zen: The Path of Paradox (vols. 1–3) (1977)
Sufis: the People of the Path (vols. 1–2) (1977)
The Heart Sutra (1977)
I Say Unto You (vols. 1–2) (1977)
This Very Body the Buddha (1977)
The Diamond Sutra (1977)
Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind
          (1/1–1/10, 1978)
The Revolution (2/11–2/20, 1978)
The Wisdom of the Sands (vols. 1–2) (2/21–3/10, 1978)
Take It Easy (vols. 1–2) (4/11–5/10, 1978)