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Dumbing Osho Down (intro page)
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Healing Sound
Needing a Master
"Safe Game of Disciple"
Doubt / Trust "Progression"

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Defining Osho
Osho's Important Teachings

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Collected Short Themes:
Minor Matters ("Our Presence not His", The Pacemaker Story, "Bhagwan" vs Hinduism, The "Other")
Loose Ends ("Nothing but Ourselves", "Primary School", "Disembodied Master", Trademark, The Authors) 

Historical Source Docs:
Amrito's address in Buddha Hall, Jan 20 1990
The Inner Circle, announced Feb 1 1990
What is an Osho?, 1998
Sahajanand's take on Neelam, Jun 2000
Article on Sarjano, Jun 2000
OIF's ad against Neelam, Jun 2000
Sangeet's letter, Jun 2000
Neelam's open letter, Jul 2000
Harideva's letter, date unknown, early 00's
Chinmaya's Letter, Jan 2003
The Namaste-Osho Connection, Nov 2007
Oshobob's "What is an Osho?", Dec 2007
Jayesh's EU TM Court Statement, Jul 2011
Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 8, Osho talk
The Legal Collection, 2009-2015

Sannyas Wiki:

From Bhagwan to Osho – a study of Osho's words in Jan-Feb 1989 regarding the use of the term "Osho" in Japanese Zen
What's in a Name? – a study of Osho's name change debunking the William James / "oceanic" explanation
From Bhagwan to Osho: Publications table – tracks how the explanation(s) of his name change were handled in publications of the time
Website survey regarding Osho's name change – tracks how widely accepted is the bogus explanation of Osho's name change on the net
Trademarks and Copyright – tons of specific info on trademarks on Osho's name and related images, copyright and the Osho World domain name case
Sangeet – Ma Prem Sangeet, author of much legal opinion re OIF's copyright and trademark claims
Neelam – Ma Yoga Neelam, one of Osho's secretaries, and Inner Circle member until 1999
Shunyo – Ma Prem Shunyo, Osho's laundress, Inner Circle member, author

Other external Links:

Osho Friends International's examination of big changes in one of Osho's books, The Book of Wisdom, Discourses on Atisha's Seven Points of Mind Training, lots more's pages on Trademark: how OIF's trademark of "Osho" was cancelled in the USA, the movement to cancel it in Europe and more
Osho Work:  Pune-based Indian sannyasins' court challenges to alleged illegal acts by Pune mgmt
Osho World: The original liberator of "osho" in domain names, major supplier of free Osho audio and text in Hindi and English
Osho News: Independent online news channel with heart, Well, you know who they are . . . They also operate: Info offered in support of the OIF side of contentious positions, such as Jayesh's statement above
Osho Zen Stick: "Independent" Indian group based in HP, attacks enemies of Pune regime with Osho and other quotes