This page is a part of a multi-page exercise in deconstructing a document, "What is an Osho?" (WiaO), that was an important benchmark in the progression of trends in Osho's sannyas after he left his body. These pages come in no particular order except for an Introduction and a central hub / Main Page. If you have got here somehow without reading these three linked pages, it will be best to visit them first.

As was said in the Main Page, "Much of the content of this tract is difficult to nail down, with many features not straightforward concepts but rhetorical devices". This section will look at some of those devices considered simply as rhetoric. They may or may not have been considered in depth elsewhere. Here their rhetoricity (rhetoricalocity, rhetoricalhoodshipness) will be featured in its starkness, with just a phrase or a counter-rhetorical grenade lobbed at it, with no attempt at analysis, no depth, just pure, shallow back-atcha.

"Could it really be that sitting listening to Osho talking was enough? Didn’t we still need a master?" -- sleight-of-hand
"Much later, Osho returns to this same theme" -- cherry-picking
"It seems pretty clear" -- No it doesn't!
"He gave sannyas to people because that was our expectation at the time" -- Silly!
"He accepted all our projections" -- Projection!
"Someone who would tell us what to do" -- Idiocy!
"Jesus re-run" -- non-sequitur
"Struggle to try and define 'Osho'" -- So who's struggling?
"Safe game of disciple" -- Double standard!
"What could be easier than to listen to that healing sound in the car or train on the way to work" -- Satori in the morning commute!
"Primary school" -- reductio ad insultationem
"Perhaps" -- Our way or the highway!

"Healing sound" -- You are getting sleepy ...

"Later he would say that Osho is not even his name, just a healing sound" -- Lies!

"There is another key in a talk [we] remember Osho giving about Krishnamurti" -- cherry-picking
"I remember his talking about ... Then there was his whole proposal of ... Then I remembered another fascinating talk where ... And then I remembered him talking about ... " -- lots more cherry-picking