So? II

a final disclosure wrap-up thingie

This is what i call living up to it. I am dispensing wisdom in the safety of the virtual meeting place, the "almost" "real" "interface" of "you" and "me." I can do this with impunity because i am not making extravagant claims about my state of awareness or spiritual attainment. You are not my disciple. In fact, you may not even exist. And when you get down to it, i may not exist either.

As you know, this electronic nowhereland has its own built-in factors which add to my emotional security in sending this fragile message-in-a-bottle out into the whatever. We do not look at each other in the eye, nor hear the quavers in each other's voices; we can take each other's measure only through the most artificial of artifices, disembodied words craftily crafted to create a certain impression.

Still, not so different – or different more in degree than in kind – from so-called face contact, where, when all is said and done, we are still operating through masks and filters, "interfaces" which mediate and form a protective barrier between us. I could do this anywhere. Perhaps it's good to practice my riffs here.

[Four paragraphs, Bubba!] Lastly, but not leastly, back to "what's in it for me?" This is both simple and not – oh, right, i'm sure, let's get metaphysical, eh? Well, in our "progress" on the search, we may sometimes have to do things that don't make sense, that go against established notions of appropriateness. Judgments are suspended, so that impulses arising from within can be allowed to flower, with some exceptions according to intelligence. This is in some ways the essence of the search, the self-exploration: i felt like doing this – you got any better ideas? – so i'm doing it. That is its own reward and who knows? It may even take me somewhere interesting.