What is this two paragraphs then click, two paragraphs then click? Answer: just an annoying affectation. But who knows? Maybe your attention is better kept with all this clicking; you may have to wait between pages but you have something to do.

As i was saying about the Vietnam War... It seemed to me that this wonderful idea of declaring victory could be applied to the search as well. In fact, Osho and other masters have said as much, although there is the nagging suspicion that they meant i should first exhaust other means. But then, there's lots of nagging suspicions, and so what? I mean, if my resolve turned to jelly every time there was a nagging suspicion that i was full of shit, well, you know i wouldn't get anywhere – leaving aside the question of whether there's anywhere to go, if you know what i mean, and i think you do.

So – 3rd paragraph! – although obviously if i hadn't started making an issue of it in the first paragraph this would still be only the second – talk about padding! – declare victory is what i did, making it official in my article in Osho Pulse #3. Having declared, i am now in the position of having to live up to it. And so, next and, yes, the last.