Lost and Found
~ Osho on Various Masters ~

It started with Dionysius. That is, i read some interesting stuff Osho was saying about him so i went to look for "his web site" ha ha! and found there was nothing, just dribs and drabs here and there, and i thought that this material from Osho would do better than that to give people a feel for who he was. So i made a page for him. Thus i started into the business of making homepages for these guys i am listing.

Actually not my very first venture into this, as i was shortly reminded by
the god of circumstances, but it set an important precedent of using the words of my master. Questions arise about whether this crosses the line into proselytizing. I hope not. It's not that i pretend to be unbiased but i do like to keep things in proportion.

Independent evidence that this is appropriate was found when i started extending the idea to disappeared zen masters. I found that most of the web pages about Kyozan, when i searched for him, used Osho's book of commentaries on him as a primary source. So, great!

I do not want to just parrot Osho but there is a place for using his discourses on those lost in antiquity that do not have other web boosters. This applies especially to some early zen masters, as Osho has talked about many of them, and no one else's enthusiasm comes close.

So far we have . . .

Dionysius - xian
Ko Hsuan - tao

Kyozan - zen
Mojud - sufi

Yakusan - zen

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