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Hope you don't mind me sending you some valuable links: 

[Also added by Sarlo: WIE article on Aurobindo as spiritual revolutionary] 
This site seems to come from Russia, as it contains many of Sri Aurobindo's major works in the English original and in Russian translation. The site is still growing. Among other works it contains his principal prose work "The Life Divine" (about 1000 pages), and his large epic "Savitri". Also a large collection of his letters written to his disciples (not complete yet). All is downloadable. By far the best Aurobindo site on the Internet. 
Some short extracts from his writings. 
A larger collection of extracts of some of Sri Aurobindo's major works, edited by his French disciple Pavitra (previously published in book form). 
Sri Aurobindo's translation of hymns of the Rig Veda into English. 
There are several editions of talks of the Mother. One of her French disciples, Satprem, held private talks with her during the last years of her life, in her 80s and 90s. He recorded them on tape and later published them in book form (c.6000 pages). After the Mother's death in 1973 the ashram tried to get hold of that material, as the Mother was entirely frank in these talks, saying what came to her mind and being not always in tune with what some of the sadhaks wanted to hear her say. Nevertheless Satprem rescued the whole set and now this material has been put on the above web site, translated from French into English, search facilities included (the whole set is also downloadable). 
Nice site containing bios and photo galleries of SA and The Mother. 
SABDA means 'Sri Aurobindo Book Distribution Agency' - the sales department of his ashram.
Lots of quotes and info about Aurobindo and the Mother.
An Aurobindo mailing list.

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