Maitreya Ishwara,
demonstrating the Mutability of Wisdom:
(see also Book Review and his Enlightenment Process
+ some general observations on capitalizing on the name "Maitreya")

[letter to Viha Connection, May/June 2001]
In my opinion Osho made the right decision to ban enlightened sannyasins from teaching in His Buddhafield. Every buddha has a different style and understanding, which would certainly differ from Osho's in some significant way. And buddhas cannot follow guidelines from any dead Master. Even their own. Every teacher must attract their own friends to share with. This requires moving away from Osho's Buddhafield and starting their own experiments with new friends who are interested in their unique way of working.
[etc etc, leading to the natural conclusion that] the Church must follow.
[A surviving copy of this or reasonable facsimile can be found at Sannyas News.]

This contrasts with the aggressive spam** he sent to sannyasin mailing lists when he was setting up his biz ca 1999, whingeing about


not being allowed to sit on Osho's chair and dispense wisdom and buddha energy therefrom


getting ejected from the Hotel Sunderban next door to the commune, his room conveniently right behind Osho's podium in Buddha Hall, and all he was doing so innocently was supplying the buddha energy to keep Osho's buddhafield intact and functioning


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** As most of the recipients of his spam did not want to hear about it, many tried to block his messages, so he changed his email address daily to get past their filters, all the while crowing about it.

Such was the different tune he was singing just two years before. Perhaps having played his rejection for all it was worth, it was now appropriate to align himself with Pune to diminish others' chances of getting their foot in the door, so he wrote the letter quoted above.

and MORE again (general page on Osho's Anands)

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