Maitreya Ishwara Book Review
(see also his Enlightenment Process and Mutability of Wisdom
+ some general observations on capitalizing on the name "Maitreya")

This review appeared originally in the Guru Ratings Forum in March of 2002, as a public response to Maitreya Ishwara's request to review his book, God's Vision -- the New Dawn of Consciousness. He got a copy too.


In my worldview, pigs don't have wings. But i'm liberal enough to acknowedge the possibility of an alternate universe, just out of my sight, where pigs do have wings. Ya never know. Similarly my attitude to those i have rated as bogus is not fixed, and in fact intelligent feedback has lifted some of them up to decent heights. This is not to say that my ra(n)tings have as much substance as the observation that pigs don't have wings. Far from it. They are best not taken too seriously. Still, it is possible to play with them.

In the spirit of this, it is with great pleasure/bemusement/puzzlement that i announce a sort of milestone in the history of my little game. One my bogus ratees, Maitreya Ishwara, has sent me an "advance review copy" (849 KB worth of pdf) of the newest edition of one of his books, God's Vision -- the New Dawn of Consciousness. I gather i am supposed to review it, though what can he be expecting if i have rated him so low? Perhaps a paradigm shift into the winged-pig universe?

Okay. My attention span is not up to the job of completing such tomes, but i did skip and scan. Review contains items in [red] that may be suitable for extract.

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Several things struck me as relatively sensible and even creditable, though if that were not the case it would be dismal indeed. But his inclusion at the beginning of the book of his appeal to trust him -- which i had seen before elsewhere and thought i had kept and now regret that i didn't since i have already deleted his package -- struck me as particularly questionable judgment indeed. It read along the lines of (from poor memory): "[blah blah to the effect of trust being a sacred quality] Every day is an invitation to let go, to trust. Jump! I will catch you. I am love." Now this may be sound guidance to one who is already a disciple but as a pitch to newcomers or the general public it is positively creepy. I can only imagine that such a pitch to the general public reflects a desperation for cash or adulation, that some unbalanced but rich potential disciple may be thereby reeled in.

Then in the middle of the book comes a short "chapter" -- they're all short, this one is shorter than most -- called "Beyond Advaita." It goes:

"Advaita is refined spiritual logic based on the enlightened experience of oneness. It is very helpful to understand the set-up. Advaita is as far as intelligence can go, but there is more. Only when God, the beyond, contacts you directly and verbally, do you really know that He exists and can comunicate.[sic -- attn proofreaders]

This happens rarely and is the subject of controversy. All messengers and prophets are disbelieved initially; their friends and family often think they must have gone a little crazy. Unenlightened people also hear the voice of God. He guides and directs many people through their inner voice.

Full verbal contact with God is another thing altogether.

It happens rarely and is called God-realization.

It is given only to enlightened ones.

In the first stage God makes verbal contact and directs your life. He replaces your enlightened intuition with direct guidance. In the second stage you merge with God and there is almost no distinction between you and Him.

In the third stage you dissolve totally in God.

In the third stage you cannot function independently. You have lost your volition and have disappeared in God. Practically this means He manages everything for you, and you are totally helpless and vulnerable.

The experience of being totally in the hands of God is the greatest blessing and freedom.

You have lost all control forever."

Reading such grandiose drivel i must acknowledge that he does indeed appear to have lost all control, which can be a very positive thing. But this "beyond" shtick is a standard dodge in the biz, another way of saying "I am the greatest, Buddha and his ilk are barely worthy to kiss my feet," a compensation for a mediocre ketamine-addled mind. Kriben Pillay, the distinguished editor of Noumenon, who has inexplicably endorsed one of his other books, might shit his nondual pants to learn of this "beyond advaita" line, whereby mere oneness with the cosmos is a second-rate phenomenon and the true prophet of God is the real deal.

This is the same pitch the Hare Krishnas use, and is as divisive and self-aggrandizing as any sectarian endeavour. (See "only begotten son," and "last prophet of God"). Maitreya bleats about Unity (with cap U) just as most religions pay lip service to the underlying commonality of all religious experience, but he wants it to be his Unity, the world united under his vision. GMAFB.

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