Master Charles's First Encounter
with his Guru's picture,
as Described by Himself:

The material below is from Master Charles's autobiography, lifted without permission from, the fabulous online mag, which published it WITH permission. Master Charles was 25 and knew nothing when he first saw Muktananda's pic.

"As I focused on the photograph, my eyes seemed to lock in an open gaze, and my whole body followed, relinquishing all volitional control. The photograph dissolved into a whirlpool of scintillating, hallucinogenic energy. I was immersed in a rose-and-blue-colored magnificence, permeated with minute particles of dancing, diamond like light that slowly moved upward and entered the area just above the center of my eyebrows.

"A multitudinous explosion erupted from the depths of my being and reverberated through every dimension of my perception, as an intoxicating bliss saturated me from head to toe. The most sacred peace filled all and everything. Time was suspended within an all-encompassing stillness, and from the subtlest dimensions an ethereal and heavenly music softly echoed-violins, harps, a lone flute, and the tinkling of a thousand glass wind chimes sounding within the harmonic oneness of an angelic choir.

"I experienced a divine, awe-inspiring, yet totally nurturing contentment beyond all contentment. Wave upon wave of undulating ecstasy radiated outward to infinity. Everything within this shimmering reverberation was disappearing, all form dissolving into itself, a reflection of hallucinogenic light within an ocean of delight."

It seems like satire is completely unnecessary when you see stuff like this.

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