Official GR Philosophy, Theology, Cosmology and Attitude
In a word, it's "flexible," but because of the inevitable dialectics of dialectics, 
it means there will be a bias against certain "rigid" approaches. More below (Duh!)

In other words, there is an open, tolerant attitude which understands that there will be many flavours and approaches to "the divine," realization, the emptiness which is all, etc. And many of them will be valid, worthy and "as good as" any other. But many will not. So what criteria are we going to use? Ha ha! I have expounded on lots of them in my page on "red flags." But this is something a little more general, global.

Okay. Existence has provided for everyone and they say is perfect as It is. Naturally, "everyone" includes a great variety of types and needs, and some types and needs will be more common than others. And some people's needs will include the perverse need to get the opposite of what they "really" need. And so on. We can see that diversity in the guru supply is a Good Thing. One Guru's pronouncements about God, morality, self and all the great imponderables will not match up with another's since they are fulfilling different needs. It is for the student / disciple that these approaches exist, not for the master and certainly not for the System.

But as we have seen, some collective unconscious or use your own terminology tendencies have operated which have to be considered here:
1) A tendency to aggregate, form peer groups etc for 

This is just the beginning. More clarification, expounding and articulation will be coming.

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