East Meets West

A contribution from Satrakshita, a long-term sannyasin whom n0by, the former East, once acknowledged as helpful...

  There's no need to believe me,
  As there is no need to believe you...
  Everybody has to find out for him/herself what sannyas is.
  And to find out they will have to take it,
  If they want to.
  It sounds as if you want to prevent people to take sannyas,
  or to urge sannyasins to drop it,
  No doubt based on your experience of more than 20 years.
  I too have been in sannyas for more than 20 years,
  And like it very much that your and my statements are opposite
  And cancel each other out.
  The sumtotal of our statements is zero,
  a state of no-mind,
  and hence won't influence people one way or the other.

  Isn't it great
  That the two of us taken together
  Won't contribute to the mess the world is in?
  If they care to listen to us, people can't but walk the Middle Way,
  The Zero Way,

  Isn't that Super?
  Together we are pointing the Autobahn to Heaven!

  As for your remark: "people are double brainwashed"
  Osho himself once said sannyas is a thorn,
  used to remove another thorn.
  So, people don't get doubly brainwashed,
  But the one conditioning neutralizes the other.

  One has to know when to stop of course,
  Not stop too late,
  But certainly also not stop too soon.
  So here too sannyas is a Middle Path,
  Sannyas is a tricky path,
  The best thing we can do
  Is to sharpen our swords of awareness,
  And commit hara-kiri at precisely the right moment.

Cheers, Satrakshita

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