Justify Unpleasant Visceral 
Feelings via Intellect!

by Gene Poole

This piece appeared first in the Guru Ratings Forum 

Woman to Winston Churchill:

"Sir, if I were your wife, 
I would poison your whisky!"

Replied Sri Winston:

"Madam, if I were your
husband, I would drink it!"

Yes, friends; today is the day
to unleash your magnificent
intellect, in service of your
very special feelings of

You just KNOW, don't you, that
those unpleasant feelings that
just won't GO AWAY, are NOT

NEVER MIND your slovenly husbandry
of your own desires. What you feel
is SOVEREIGN, and needs NO justification.

You own NO apologies for acting 
on your own projections!

Just 'speak your truth' and watch
the squirming commence! The fact 
of THEIR discomfort upon hearing
your words, PROVES that your 
feelings are THEIR FAULT!

We all KNOW that you have not
only come this far in your life
uncorrupted, but that you, in your
state of 'introspective balance',
are the PERFECT judge of each and
every other person, who has ever
lived, is now living, or who will
live someday!

Please... go ahead and 'reveal'
the shortcomings, errors and sins
of all those that you know; for they
will thank you, as they lack the
ability to judge themselves.

And know this; your special ability
to 'brand' your subjects with the
'scarlet letters' of your words, 
will cause them to forever carry
those marks; thus, such visible
signs of 'justice served', will
also serve to prevent even one
more person from being VICTIMIZED
by whatever it is you think is 'bad'.

Person after person will encounter
your magnificent process of assessment
and judgement; each will be found 
wanting, by comparison to you, the
final standard of 'what should be'.

This becomes even more vital, as
we see how many people in this world,
drag their nearly crippled bodies
around, as wounded and scarred as
they are, by the battles of life.

Indeed, let such deviants bow to you
even before your scathing vision
detects their contorted forms! Let 
them to know in advance, how futile
it is to resist shifting their forlorn
self-esteem down several notches, in
response to your dead-accurate

We know the world will be a much
better place, when you have become
comfortable as you uninhibitedly
display, in expression, posture, 
tone and word, just how certain 
people FORCE YOU to feel 'uncomfortable'!

Yes, it is 'them' and their ilk, who
disturb the tranquility of your ongoing
meditation upon your own perfection; 
and who can blame you, for lashing out
at those who CAUSE your guts to churn?

By your most excellent example, it is
hoped that soon, EVERYONE will be able
to act thusly, FOR THE GOOD OF ALL! For
what more desireable version of daily
life could there be, but to apply the
product of your mind, in service of
your gut?

"I have a mind! Don't make me use it!"

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