Recent -- as of now*, dickhead! -- Self-Satire
in Guru Ratings Forum
(thanks to various writers, see also The Enlightenment Patch)

Who has time to read all this crap
you guys are writing? You all got
laid off all of a sudden? Your
wifes, husbands don't wanna..?
No ice cream in the fridge?
No pets?, no cigarettes?
No dishes in the sink?
No soup opera on TV?
No nothing?
Only this? 
 ~~ Pete ~~ 
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poster a: you're talking!
poster b: oh yeah well you're using words!
poster c: oh yeah, well, you had a thought!
poster d: there are no thoughts!
poster e: ha! all there is is thoughts!
poster a: you're still talking!
poster b: yeah, well you're still thinking!
poster f: i have no thoughts!
poster c: look who thinks they have no thoughts!
poster d: there is no person!
poster g: tell that to my teacher who says there are thoughts!
poster h: there are no teachers.
poster i: who? what?
poster j: you talkin to Me?!
poster k: no.
poster l: yes!
poster m: just shut up, everyone!
poster n: listen to m. m knows.
poster o: no one can know anything.
poster p: says who?
poster g: my teacher, i said.
poster q: no one who knows talks.
poster r: if that's true how could you talk?
poster s: that is it! i'm eating the other posters t, u, v, x, and y.
poster z: now they are one. hmmm. or now they are done.
poster a: no way, i disagree! the correct unoccluded view is........
poster b: ha! you don't need to agree!
poster c: oh yeah?
poster r: w e m u s t a l l s e e t h e s a m e !
poster a: no way, i disagree! the correct unoccluded view is........
 ~~ Josie ~~ 

*= Nov 19/04, if you must know
Mebbe more coming . . . 

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