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David Hawkins has attracted a great deal of attention in spiritual circles in the new century, first for his books, which have been fairly well received, but then less positively for his "Map of Consciousness" and his right-wing politics. He has a list of honours and such longer than most people's arms which can be seen at his site but one of his principal degrees, the PhD, is from Columbia Pacific University, an unaccredited diploma mill that was shut down by court order. More recently, his biographer has revealed that some of the endorsements cited from famous people regarding his first book were, um, stretched beyond what those "endorsers" intended. Ah well. His death in 2012 may have a further negative effect on his career.

Hawkins made a life study, according to his site, of "the transition from the normal ego state of mind to its elimination by the Presence." Sounds interesting. This study is the focus of his trilogy, Power vs Force (1995), The Eye of the I (2001) and I: Reality and Subjectivity (2003).

His site continues, "The trilogy was preceded by research on the Nature of Consciousness and published as the doctoral dissertation, Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibration of the Levels of Consciousness (1995), which correlated the seemingly disparate domains of science and spirituality. This was accomplished by the major discovery of a technique that, for the first time in human history, demonstrated a means to discern truth from falsehood."

"Major discovery," for the "first time in human history." Heady stuff. Unfortunately, he has leaned rather too heavily on what turns out to be a thin stick, and it cannot support all the weight he wants it to.

Hawkins' so-called Map of Consciousness is an attempt to quantify different states of consciousness, among a myriad of other things, using one supposedly infallible method for discerning the truth about anything, Applied Kinesiology. (AK debunked, more below)

He purports, via his truth-dowsing AK, to assign a numerical value from 1 to 1000, or "calibration," to people, concepts, ideologies, corporations, countries, states of (no-)mind and more. Moreover, this scale is not linear but logarithmic. The mathematical details of all this are debunked in the Rick Ross Forum, but even the basic premise is over the top. "Logarithmic" means that every level: 200, 201, 202, etc is not just a tick higher than the last but ten times higher – more powerful, more godly, whatever – making the ordinary shmuck with integrity at 200 ten to the power of 800 less worthy than the one who has made it to 1000. (That's a one with 800 zeroes.) Such orders of magnitude are dreamed of neither by atomic scientists nor astrophysicists, who use up to 40 at most. It can thus be seen that the scale is impossibly wide, to the point of uselessness, bogosity and/or stupidity (your choice).

Hawkins' Map has been put up on the net many times but the litigious arm of his publisher has forced sites to take it down (below). There is a detailed Map in German extant at last search. Even for those who do not understand German – and there's always Babelfish – you can get an idea of the elaborateness of the system. Some interesting "anomalies" lurk therein, not the least being George W Bush's weighing in at the rarefied level of 460, just above fellow intellectual giants Homer, Kurt Gödel, Enrico Fermi and Galileo. Wowser!

Some other samples (all over 200, the supposed minimum level of "integrous"):
211 – Coca Cola
220 – Motels
375 – Time Magazine
390 – Santa Claus / Father Xmas
505 – Barry Manilow
520 – Patriotism
745 – St Paul

Even these few examples should be enough to set off most people's BS detectors, if the very principle of comparing such diverse things linearly doesn't.

Like Santa Claus is 10190 more worthy than mere integrity? Excuuuuuse me!

Worse – yes, Virginia, it gets worse! – there is said to be a cult-like element to Hawkins' scale whereby it is impervious to challenge: anyone who questions his results, or whose own results differ significantly, is by definition coming in below 200, the level of integrity, and therefore not worth listening to. This is a classic cult invalidation tactic, a circular logic catch-22 that skewers all deviation from the Official Line.

Some anti-cult links about Hawkins:
New England Institute of Religious Research (friends of Steven Hassan), also hosted (but not well-linked) Hawkins bio and Quotes About Hawkins. Note: These pages have been removed, reportedly because of threatened legal action (see the second EnergyGrid link below).

Rick Ross Forum, referenced above, has nineteen pages of discussions and lots of info

Cults.NZ has added Dr H to its large collection of weird-to-unsavouries around the world

Guilt by Association Dept:
Interviews and talks on BeyondTheOrdinary , a "radio magazine"-type format put out by followers of JZ Knight, creator / channeler of Ramtha

Endorsements of the work of Ilchi Lee, creator of "Brain Respiration" and Dahnhak . . . "This is indeed an important and praiseworthy book for it helps us get close to the truth and actual experience of our own reality as the Self which transcends all of time, which always was, always will be, before and after all worlds or universe." – Dr. David R. Hawkins, Author of Power vs. Force 

A few more misc links: a site forced to take down its Map (having intended it to be a positive reference to Hawkins) another "neutral" or unaffiliated spiritual survey and rating site this page from a big new-age and spiritual site has a thorough critique of AK to debunk how "Hawkins uses the simple dowsing technique of muscle testing [intended as a bio-feedback window into bodily and psychic processes] to cajole the subconscious into manufacturing an objective reality (an anathema to its nature)"
EnergyGrid again: The above page focuses on debunking the technique of AK. This one deals with Hawkins' legal and other moves in silencing critics. The Hawkins Wikipedia page is gone, the NEIRR pages mentioned above are gone, etc. Goes deeply into particular criticisms and the philosophy of criticism. (self-explanatory)

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