You are a Natural Manifesting Being!
[Jafree has written this to clear up some
misconceptions about manifesting and balance
the low opinion of it held by this site's owner, Sarlo]

Many great mystics and spiritual teachers believe that manifesting is something that pulls one away from inner silence, meditation, connecting with Source and living in Nirvana. This is just one level of understanding of what manifesting truly is. My experience is that we are much bigger than this and can have the best of both worlds. 

If you are attached to having your desire show up for you to be happy, then of course will suffer greatly while TRYING to manifest. Yet, this is not my experience of manifesting. Manifesting is our most natural divine state of being. It comes spontaneously, and is not forced in any way. The actual physical manifestation of any desire you have is simply a by-product from the depth of silence, stillness, inner peace and meditative state you live in.

Desires just synchronistically show up and "magically" appear in your life when there is the space and silence inside for you to allow them in. It is the space that allows the form. It is the vast emptiness of the Universe that gives room for the brilliant Sun that gives life to us all. It is our most natural state to be manifesting beings who instantaneously manifest their desires. This is only evident however when you are living each moment in deep profound states of connection to the Source of your Being. It is when you find a profound state of silence and connection to Source you will experience desires showing up because you are not attached to them anymore. You have realized a much bigger truth, that YOU are this Sun and this great infinite Universe as well.

True Manifesting in my world is about receiving, opening, relaxing and resting into your innermost being where only pure stillness and bliss exists. All manifesting visualizations and techniques are a mere playground and training wheels for the mind, so as to keep it centered and focused and clear on what you want in life, instead of having the mind obsess about what you don't want. Because we all know that whatever you focus on is what shows up.

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