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Many gurus have detractors, and thus far Sri KB does not have an inordinate number, nor any specific "proven" criminal dirt against him. Nevertheless, i am devoting some –ve attention to him, as he has come to loom fairly large in the current spiritual scene and his well-oiled money machine needs to be considered. Eyebrows are raised at the enormous bucks charged for 21-day enlightenment courses (guaranteed, with after-the-fact exceptions and reservations), and for private darshans with Kalkiji and wife Amma, as well as the enormous trust funds controlled by family members, etc.

Many long-time seekers are appalled by this charging of big money for "spiritual services." And many others are apparently content to throw this money at him, as his empire expands exponentially. Caveat emptor indeed. Stay tuned.

A correspondent has recently reminded me of his shifting sites, names and offerings. All have changed or "evolved" over the years. Originally i was happy to give him the benefit of the doubt, though his "world transformation" was taking some time and sites kept shifting. Now a name change to a simpler Sri Bhagavan, and offerings are no longer "Deeksha" but "Oneness Blessing." These shiftings can also be called shiftiness, as one has to stay one step of the Spiritual Consumer Protection Branch, as well as offer something fresh

"Sri Kluckey Bugman": Satirical blog from ex, see especially 10 myths busted.

Following the Money: News outlets and other folks beginning (2010) to get on the case of the enormous bucks, and what happens to some of it. Stay tuned.  

The Modern Rationalist: backgrounder on Indian religious exploitation in general with a little Kalki history before he became a guru.

Guruphiliac: Lots of commentary, analysis, harsh and critical, with gossip and newsy input, particularly the biographical How The Kracki Became A Criminal. Ever-expanding, first link is to blog search results for "Kalki." Try also "Kracki," his satirical pseudonym.

Timothy Conway's Severe Problems with "Bhagavan Kalki's" Deeksha Oneness Movement, a wide-ranging and thorough critique, incl early history, from a prominent guru-ethicist

Earth Rainbow Network: Extended email correspondence with "Janneke," who did the $5000 [sic!] course, starts with small grouses about details, ends with big disillusionment, includes emails from Kiara Windrider, a big western Kalki booster.

Money Trail: Indian taxmen follow some of the big bucks, still fairly inconclusive.

Sri Kalki Times: Biting satire from Indian blog includes hard look at the money and catastrophe predictions.

Freddy Nielsen ( was a big deeksha-giver and promoter, now on the outs. Site now down pending reconstruction (of his life?), home page conveys some regrets and insights.

Also, Deeksha & Oneness Secrets, Freddy Nielsen's blog. He no longer contributes but there are occasional updates and the archive has some scathing big-insider criticisms

Hidden Sides of Diksha: Startup with not a lot of original material so far, some letters from disaffected, stay tuned, though trippy URL tricks disable "back" button.

Kalki Bhagavan Warning: Blog startup from 4-year veteran . . . "an enormous money pyramid based on some truths from the vedas and the destruction of the world for year 2012." This blog now REMOVED, by persons unknown

Misc Blogs: Register of tons of Blogs kept up-to-date by Google, for thorough research (WARNING: includes +ve!)

A Vibration Business?: Experiences of Spanish author, "At the end of the process you have such a Stockholm syndrome that you will do whatever for the master." Links mostly as here but one to a Spanish blog.

Hindu Cults: Mostly on Ananda Marga and Ammachi, but a long para on "Vijayakumar Naidu" and his early brushes with the law and relocation to Andhra Pradesh where he enjoys the protection of the former Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu.

SriBhagavanScam Bilingual English and Spanish blog, extensive articles on Kalki Finance etc, based in S America

For positive personal testimony from an enthusiast of Sri Kalki, click here.

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